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"9 Crimes"
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date July 11, 2010
Directed by David Petrarca
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"It Hurts Me Too"

"9 Crimes" is the fourth episode of Season 3 of True Blood, and the 28th episode overall.


"Believe what you want. You are no longer of concern to me. Do not try to find me. I do not wish to be found."-Bill


Pam being tortured

Open with Sookie tending to Alcide's wounds after the fight at Lou Pine's. Sookie asks about his ex, Debbie Pelt, who only moved out a month ago. Alcide's sister Janice still hears from Debbie, he says. Sookie gets a call from Bill, who proceeds to dump Sookie and tell her he's just had sex with Lorena Krasiki. After Sookie hangs up, Alcide suggests that perhaps she doesn't know Bill as well as she thought she did. She is devastated at being dumped via telephone and Alcide comforts her.

Sam goes running after his brother Tommy and discovers that his parents are living in their van in the Merlotte's parking lot. He tells Melinda Mickens that Tommy tried to steal from the safe. She says they are behind on the rent and have no place to go, but they will clear out when Tommy returns. Frankin grills a glamored Tara about Sookie, Bill and Jason. He makes her call Sookie and attempt to determine her whereabouts, but Sookie hangs up without telling Tara where she is. Tara snaps out of it and tries to run, but is caught and bitten by Franklin, who leaves her tied up.

She suggests he still loves her and Bill quickly slaps her across the room and kicks her out. Eric shows up at Sookie's window. They discuss Bill and Eric's smell and it eventually turns sexual. Just as they move to the bed, we realize Eric is day-dreaming. Sookie tells Alcide she is still going to look for Bill because she wants him to dump her to her face. She asks Alcide to take her to Debbie's engagement party back at the bar, and the idea sounds terrible to Alcide, who doesn't want to get beaten up again.


Eric dreams of Sookie

Lafayette tries to call Tara, who is bound and gagged in her bathroom. Sookie calls Janice and has her come over to give her a trampy Lou Pines makeover. She reads Janice's mind and learns that Debbie is actually being initiated that night and is addicted to V. At Merlotte's, Jason learns about Kitch Maynard, the town's cocky high school quarterback who is poised to break all of Jason's records.

During Bud's retirement party, he introduces Andy as the new acting chief of police. Jason and Kitch have a run-in where Jason warns the youngster that down the road he will be replaced by the next hotshot.

Jason tells Andy he wants to be made a cop immediately, and threatens to tell what really happened to Eggs if Andy doesn't comply. Alcide returns home to find Sookie dressed like a biker. She tells him about Debbie's V addiction and that she's going to be initiated into Coot's pack. This prompts Alcide to agree to join Sookie at Lou Pines, though he doesn't think they can walk in together. Meanwhile, Bill tells Russel that he used to be a procurer. After Russel promises that Bill will be rid of Lorena once he takes over Sophie-Anne Leclerq's territory, Bill tells Russell about Sophie selling V through Eric. Russell is pleased.

Arlene is overwhelmed at the bar and demands that Sam bring in more help, so Sam hires Jessica Hamby as a hostess. Terry tells Sam his parents are still in the parking lot grilling. Jessica runs into Chip, an old classmate from Bible study. He is stunned to see her alive since her parents have been telling people she is dead. Jessica glamours Chip and convinces him that he never saw her. While Lafayette tries to make a V sale, a group of hillbillies jump him and try to steal his new car.

Eric comes to Lafayette's rescue and forces the men to take the V deal. While Eric gives Lafayette a sales critique, he gets a call from Pam. The Magister has arrived at Fangtasia looking for the V. Sam finds Tommy in the woods and tries to convince him to leave their parents. Tommy says he has no choice, that their parents need him and he won't be on his own until they're dead. Sam tells his parents he will hook them up with a place to stay as long as there is no more stealing or drinking.

Franklin returns home and acts as nice as possible to Tara, then tells her they "have so much ahead of us." Franklin takes Tara to his "employer" (Russell Edgington) but refuses to tell her anything else. Franklin and Tara arrive at Russell's place, but Talbot tells them the king is away.

Eric returns to Fangtasia and finds Magister torturing Pam. Finally Pam claims Bills was responsible. Eric tells him he suspects Bill was behind the V sales and he is currently working on finding him. Magister gives Eric two days to locate Bill or he will kill Pam.

Sookie starts pounding shots at Lou Pines before being accosted by Debbie. Alcide comes to her rescue. Debbie tells Alcide she's happier now then when she was with his "pussy pack." Sookie interjects that Alcide is there to save her and that seems to have an impact on Debbie. Eventually Cooter walks over.


Franklin bites Tara

{C}Debbie tells Cooter that he should let Alcide stay and watch, since that's the only way he'll understand and leave them alone. Meanwhile, Russell, Bill and Lorena pull up outside a strip club in a limo. Russell tells Bill to go inside and find them someone for dinner. Russell tells Lorena he has to step away and attend to an errand while Bill focuses on one particular stripper. During a lap dance, Bill glamours the stripper, Anne. She tells him she has no family to speak of and is completely uninterested in love and relationships.

At Lou Pine's, Debbie is hoisted above the pack and taken towards the stage and branded in the middle of her back. Russell appears on stage at Lou Pines. Alcide tells Sookie he is a "rich antiques dealer." Sookie is stunned to see Russell produce fangs and bite into his own arm, letting the blood drip into several dozen shot glasses. Russell makes reference to having collaborated with the wolves "throughout the ages" and everybody drinks. Russell leaves them to celebrate.

After this, Cooter takes the stage and assumes his wolf form. Gradually the rest of the bar starts to howl and turn to wolves. Alcide yells at Sookie that she needs to leave. Bill brings Anne to the limo, and seems to sense for a second that Sookie might be in trouble but does nothing. Russell, Bill and Lorena feast on the stripper, whose blood we see drip through the car floor onto the pavement.




  • Brigette Myre Ellis and Lana Horochowski received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)

Featured music

  • "Mamasita" - Daddy P, Spiket & Da Diggler
  • "Bonehead" - ONEPOINTSIX
  • "Blame It On The Fact That I’m A Man" - The Mears Brothers
  • "Walk That Midnight Walk" - Bosshouse Music
  • "Ten Year High School Reunion" - Kevin Fisher
  • "Train Wreck" - Deanna Johnston
  • "SOS" - Sennen
  • "Paradise Circus" - Massive Attack
  • "Wolf Blood Honey" - The Upside Down
  • "Do Not Conceal Thy Radiant Eyes" - Extreme Music
  • "9 Crimes" (Demo Version) - Damien Rice

Memorable Quotes

Eric Northman

  • "Let's go, RuPaul."

Lafayette Reynolds

  • "How am I supposed to deal with this fuckedupness?"

Alcide Herveaux

  • "Why are they submitting to this Fanger?"

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "But I don't have a nut sack."
  • "I got skills you can’t even dream of, cowboy."

Russell Edgington

  • "A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke." - Rudyard Kipling. Not quite Shakespere, but less impetuous. And he never stole spoons"

Memorable Dialogue



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