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American Vampire League

Organization Information

Provide a public face for vampires,

Fight for vampire rights
Notable patrons


The American Vampire League, or AVL for short, is an organization mainly focused on the public relations of the vampire community in the United States and the promotion of vampire rights. First appearing on the HBO original series True Blood, the American Vampire League serves as the public face of the vampire community and follows the agenda of The Authority. Created shortly after the Great Revelation, the AVL holds ties to the ancient political organization of vampires, such as Sheriffs and Magisters.

Its spokeswoman was formerly Nan Flanagan, before she was assassinated (while already on the Authority's blacklist). Its new spokesman, Reverend Steve Newlin, frequently appears on television interviews opposite anti-vampire advocates. While Nan was still doing the job, these anti-vampire advocates included the late Reverend Theodore Newlin and Steve Newlin himself.

The AVL is also the main supporter of the Vampire Rights Amendment that aims to give vampires equal rights to those of humans.

The AVL has a SWAT Team known as V-Feds. ("Everything Is Broken")

Plot PointsEdit

The AVL first make an appearance in Episode 2 of Season 1, when Sookie watches the tumultuous exchange between Nan and Theodore Newlin. ("The First Taste")

Public Blunders and EmbarrassmentsEdit

Russell TBBN season 2

Russell after killing Jerry McCafferty

The AVL is constantly having to perform damage control in response to violent, and often brutal, vampire attacks.

Arguably, though not very, the first major and most tumultuous occurrence was the public mental breakdown of Russell Edgington on TBBN. His quick and gruesome spinal evisceration of news anchor Jerry McCafferty on live television shocked Nan enough to pause mid-drink and stare abhorrently at the screen. ("Everything Is Broken")


Anti-Vampire Witch Coven leaders at Festival of Tolerance.

The next most notable humiliation occurred at the "Festival of Tolerance" held in Shreveport, LA. Anti-vampire witches took control of three powerful vampire sheriffs and forced them to wreak havoc on the innocent human population. A rather ironic, demented, and disconcerting event for all involved. Luckily, or perhaps unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), there weren't many vampires in attendance so bloodshed was held at a minimum. ("Burning Down the House") / ("Let's Get Out of Here")

Known StaffEdit

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