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3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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  • Abjuring
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  • Disassociation with another
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Abjuration refers to a certain act in werewolf hierarchy, in which one person vows never to associate with another person again. Preferably, those involved are weres or at least involved with werewolves, although, as seen on the HBO original series True Blood, abjuration is practiced by shapeshifters as well. Abjuration does not remove a person from their pack, and their loyalty remains with their packmaster, unless, of course, he or she was the one to abjure the person.

Words spoken to perform AbjurationEdit

[Name of the person abjured], I abjure you. I see you no longer. I hunt with you no longer. I share flesh with you no longer.

Known AbjurationsEdit


Alcide abjured Debbie

  • Alcide Herveaux to Debbie Pelt; Alcide abjured Debbie for falling back to her old patterns of blood addiction, infidelity, lying, and deceiving whereas she presented herself as if she had changed.
  • JD Carson to Alcide Herveaux; JD abjured Alcide, who wasn't even a member of his pack anymore, to stop him from ever challenging him for the position of packmaster again. Alcide broke the abjuration by returning to attack and kill JD.
  • Possibly Martha Bozeman to JD Carson after he tried to give her granddaughter Emma V. She does say the line "I know you no longer", but doesn't complete it.

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