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Alan Ball

Date of Birth
May 13, 1957 (1957-05-13) (age 57)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Writer, Producer, Director
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Alan E. Ball, born May 13th, 1957 in Atlanta, Georgia, is an American writer, director, actor and producer for film, theater and TV. He is noted for writing the film American Beauty, and creating and producing the HBO drama series Six Feet Under, the HBO original series True Blood and the True Blood series of comic books. For his work in television and film, Ball has received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including an Academy Award, an Emmy and a Golden Globe.




Year Film Role
2008 Towelhead Writer/director
1999 American Beauty Writer/co-producer


Year Show Episode Notes
2009 True Blood "Frenzy" Season 2, episode 11; writer
"Shake and Fingerpop" Season 2, episode 4; writer
2008 "You'll Be the Death of Me" Season 1, episode 12; director
"Mine" Season 1, episode 3; writer
"The First Taste" Season 1, episode 2; writer
"Strange Love" Season 1, episode 1; writer/director
2005 Six Feet Under "Everyone's Waiting" Season 5, episode 12; writer/director
2004 "Untitled" Season 4, episode 12; director
"Can I Come Up Now?" Season 4, episode 4; writer
2003 "I'm Sorry, I'm Lost" Season 3, episode 13; director
"Nobody Sleeps" Season 3, episode 4; writer w/ Rick Cleveland
"Perfect Circles" Season 3, episode 1; writer
2002 "The Last Time" Season 2, episode 13; director
"Someone Else's Eyes" Season 2, episode 9; writer
"In The Game" Season 2, episode 1; writer
2001 "Knock, Knock" Season 1, episode 13; writer/director
"An Open Book" Season 1, episode 5; writer
"Pilot" Season 1, episode 1; writer/director

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