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Season 6Edit

Alcide takes over his pack as they eat the latest packmaster, J.D. One of the wolves brings an arm over to Alcide so he can inherit the flesh and truly become the new packmaster. He takes a bite out of the arm and is now the new pack master. Danielle, a young woman from the pack, shifts from wolf to human and tells Alcide that she is more than willing to serve him in any way he needs. While this is happening, Martha tells Rikki that Alcide is still on the blood, while watching Danielle and Alcide. Rikki doesn't look too happy about it, but Alcide enjoys the attention because of the vampire blood in his system.

As Alcide's pack of wolves go for a run, Danielle comes to Alcide alone. Naked, she offers herself to him. He gives in because the drugs are still in him and gets caught by Rikki, while kissing this other wolf. Instead of being angry she brings the other girl in to their relationship sexually. She bites the back of the girls neck showing her that she is above her and tells Alcide "I am your number one bitch, don't ever forget it."

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