Season 7Edit

"Jesus Gonna Be Here"Edit

During the vampire attack Alcide helps Sam track Nicole Wright, but to no avail and are forced to come back to the bar and grill empty handed. Sookie also reads his mind, claiming "how she could ever love a dead man", this angers her and she leaves to walk home by herself and Alcide tries to leave messages for her but she ignores his calls and throws her phone away. Later on, they both argue about how she can't control what she telepathically hears, but they later apologize and make love together. In the morning, he later takes Sookie to the memorial service at Reverend Daniels church, and appears concerned when she gets upset by other people's negative thoughts on her. 

"Fire in the Hole"Edit

Alcide finds Sookie missing and follows her scent to Bill's house. When she isn't there he sets off in his wolf form and bumps into Sam, also in animal form. The two shift back, converse and set off to find Sookie. They eventually find her and Bill, setting their "trap". The two manage to save Sookie from a Hep-V vampire ambush, killing two enemy vampires in the process. Alcide berates Bill for endangering Sookie, but Bill insists it was her idea. As the two argue, Alcide is shot dead by Lou and a group of other vigilantes who had been hiding in the trees. A distraught Sookie breaks into tears and grieves for him. Jessica offers for her or another vampire to turn him, but Sookie tearfully declines.