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"Vampires were people, too."
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Vampire rights advocacy
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[[:Category:{{{Images}}}|Images]] was one of seventeen official companion websites that were created to complement the content found on the HBO original series True Blood.


Created by the American Vampire League, the nation's top advocacy for promoting the Vampire Rights Amendment, the site provided a link to the outside world and gave the AVL a strong following through their internet presence.

Version 1: 2008 - 2009Edit

Created at the beginning of 2008, shortly before the series' first season, the first version of the site was stylish, yet simplistic, and lacked various nuances that separated it from future counterparts.

  • The site consisted of four links at the top of the page. The first took you back to the site's homepage. The second, "About" led you to a letter written by spokeswoman Nan Flanagan. The third, "Meet Your Neighbors", introduced you to six vampires and their stories of triumph, and the fourth, "FAQs" took you to a list of seven questions and answers regarding the AVL and their intentions.

Version 1: AboutEdit

Dear Friend,
The American Vampire League is the largest organization in the United States dedicated to promoting the equality and civil liberties of vampires. The AVL takes a three-pronged approach: lobbying for the Vampire Rights Act at state and national levels, disseminating accurate information about vampires to the general public and offering guidance to vampires seeking to mainstream.
Each of these efforts supports one ultimate mission: To eradicate the fear and hatred of vampires that is caused by both widespread misinformation and an entire race's punishment for the crimes of a few. Since the discovery and marketing of synthetic blood, there is no longer any reason for vampires to remain hidden — or to be shunned or discriminated against.
To humans we say: Vampires are your neighbors, your nightwatchmen, your ancestors. And to my fellow vampires: It's time we all come out of the darkness. Let's learn to live together without fear.
Yours eternally,
Nan Flanagan

Version 1: Meet Your NeighborsEdit

Missing images: All neighbor profile pictures

Dr. Nicolae Dodrescu
At the Museum of Natural History, Dr. Nicolae Dodrescu has spent the summer leading a team of vampire and human historians through a vigorous fact-checking of ancient history. "For every one of my mortal colleagues," Dodrescu says, "this is the first time they've been able to interview a primary source in their field. Actually asking a member of Tutankhamen's household about the culture of Egypt provides invaluable insight into their priceless collection of artifacts." The program, which is intended to continue indefinitely, has already resulted in paradigm-shifting discoveries about the life of early man, and curator Miles Sinclair hopes to soon expand the vampires' purview to a theological exhibit.

Sandy Miller with Aaron Stockholm
When William "Skutch" Miller spotted a vampire at his daughter Sandy's bedroom window, he was more than happy to offer an invitation . The visitor in question, Aaron Stockholm, had run miles to the Iowa farmer's house after noticing flames on the horizon. Much of the property was destroyed by the time Stockholm arrived, but thanks to his quick thinking - and the Millers' open -mindedness- he was able to carry all eight members of the trapped family to safety. " I wasn't so sure about this whole vampire thing," says Miller, "but after one of them saves your whole family, you have to rethink some of your judgements. All I can say is that Aaron's always welcome in my house."

Guy Girard
Human fashionistas have spotted an emerging trend: Vampire-made goods. Whether shoes cobbled in the tradition of 17th-century England or gowns hand-stitched by the same seamstress who served Queen Isabella of Spain, one-of-a-kind garments crafted by centuries-skilled hands have become all the rage. "I've been weaving my own fabrics and designing suits for more than 500 years," says expert tailor Guy Girard. "And I have no idea how I'm going to complete all my orders for this year's Academy Awards® show. There are only so many hours in the night, after all."

A local vampire keeps Evette Perkins' children safe

Avl-local vamp
Families in a Chicago suburb noticed some things going bump in the night, and it wasn't their vampire neighbors. After a rash of robberies and home invasions unnerved everyone in the community, the people of Lakeside enlisted the help of a handful of local vampires to watch over the streets at night. After nearly two months of the program, not a single new incident has been reported. "I feel so much safer with the vampires keeping an eye on things" says local mother Evette Perkins. "I work night shift a lot, and knowing there are vampires protecting my teenage children makes it a lot easier for me to put food on the table. Without them, I'd be worried sick"

Henry Wharton III

Avl-henry wharton iii
While economists hold a wait-and-see attitude toward the federal government's release of stimulus checks, vampires across the country are doing their part to buoy the nation's markets. "I've managed my assets with great success for centuries," says Connecticut vampire Henry Wharton III , "but living in the shadows tends to hamper the consumer lifestyle. Now I'm finally able to spend my hard-earned wealth — and 'm buying American." And Wharton isn't alone. A number of wealthy vampires — many of whom have benefited greatly from the nature of compound interest — have begun to pour their savings into the economy, and Federal Reserve spokesman Jeffery Gladstone says it's helping. "Every dime spent helps move this country back in the right direction" he says.

Alexandra Dupont

Avl-alexandra dupont
Sometimes the biggest differences occur on the smallest scale — something Flint, MI, native Beatrice Anderson learned when a local vampire reached out a helping hand. Confined to her home by experimental cancer drugs that left her weak and painfully photosensitive, Beatrice had already begun to slip into depression when she met Alexandra Dupont , a vampire struggling to become a part of her community. The two lonely souls — who share a love of history and knitting — became fast friends, and Alexandra's nighttime companionship and care have helped lead her new companion to a full recovery. "Now I can go out into the sun whenever I want," Beatrice says. "But then when would I see Alex? I know what it's like to be closed off from society, and all I have to do to help is sleep through the afternoon, then that's exactly what I'll do."

Version 1: FAQsEdit

What is the VRA?
The VRA is the Vampire Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would take effect two years after ratification. It has two simple provisions: 1. Equal rights under the law at the federal and state levels for vampires. 2. Granting Congress the right to enforce this.

In order for the VRA to pass, it needs to be sponsored by a Senator and Representative and introduced into Congress. Thirty-eight states are required for ratification. We are currently seeking sponsors in both the Senate and House.

What can I do to help with the VRA?
We are seeking sponsors in the Senate and House. We urge you to write your local Senator and Representative to request sponsorship of this bill.

Who works for the American Vampire League?
We are an inclusive organization of vampires and human volunteers, working around the clock to fight for civil liberties and equality for vampires.

Where can I meet vampires?
Chances are you already have. We are contributing members of your community. Check out our Meet Your Neighbors page to see what vampires are doing in your neighborhood.

What are your business hours?
We strive to be open 24 hours. From 5 am – 5pm our office is staffed by human volunteers. Vampires do their own lobbying from 5pm to 5am with the exception of summer hours, when we are closed from 5pm to 10pm.

What is Tru Blood?
Tru Blood is a synthetic nutrient for vampires that completely eliminates the need to seek sustenance from any living creature. Packaged as a consumer good at your local supermarket, Tru Blood is as safe and plentiful as fruit juice.

How can I help spread the word about all the great things the AVL is doing?
Become a friend of AVL on Facebook. By joining our social networking group, you'll help us get the message out and show all of your friends that you are proud to support our cause.

Version 2: 2009 - 2009Edit

M-americanvampireleague com-001

The section version of the site received an upgrade.

There are four links at the top of the page, under the page logo. "Home" leads the user back to the mainpage. "About" takes you to the same "About" page used in Version 1. "News" takes you to a page of news articles featured on the site. "Support AVL" leads to a page where the user could click on a button which keeps a running total of all users you has pushed the button. This was followed by the page's purpose:

Despite all the progress vampires have made, the world is still a dangerous place for our kind. As much as we strive for a day when employers won't discriminate, religious leaders won't persecute and families won't disown, we cannot delude ourselves into believing we've reached that era. Instead, we must stare unflinchingly into the darkest parts of society and be honest about who and what America has become. Please take this opportunity to demonstrate to the world that America will NOT abide hate...and show these extremists what it really means to be human.

When all was said and done, the site had accumulated at least 2,598,236 AVL supporters.

The righthand sidebar contained three sections. The first, "Intolerance Watch" possessed two subcategories, "Today" and "Last Week". Three current articles are listed under "Today" and clicking "Last Week" changes the list of articles to show the three articles prior. The second, "Support AVL" let to the aforementioned "Support AVL" page. The third, "Newsletter", allowed the user to sign up for the official HBO True Blood newsletter by entering their email address and pressing "Signup". Below lies a message reading, "You are signing up for the 'True Blood' mailing list."

  • Articles are not dated, because dates aren't important when vampires rights are being fought for day in and day out. Therefore, dating particular articles was deemed unnecessary. Dates can be acquired, however, through the page link.

The site contains two small articles, reminding visitors of their mission.

At the End of the Day, We're Just Like You.

The American Vampire League exists to guard the rights of all vampires, as well as provide information and support for humans who choose to join our fight for equality. Only together can we conquer bigotry and hate.

In Perfect Harmony

He's a little bit country, and she's...700 years old. It was only a matter of time until a human-vampire duo exploded into pop culture, but who would have guessed it would happen in the country music industry? Find out more here...

The teaser links to the article: Groundbreaking Duet Tops Charts

Below contains a link to the League's Facebook page with the following below the icon:
Join Us*
*Created by fans, for fans

Beside this lies a picture of an AVL t-shirt with the title "Show Your support" beneath the picture. This is a link that leads to a page of AVL-themed merchandise as part of the official True Blood store on the website.

Version 2: News ArchivesEdit


Version 2: Intolerance WatchEdit


Version 3: 2009 - 2010Edit

M-americanvampireleague com-002

Debuting after the completion of the Season 2 Websites that were created, and occurring during a campaign to market vampire inspired products to the general public, Version 3 is virtually identical to its Version 2 counterpart. This version contains only two minor differences. The first is a link to a page entitled "Vampire-Friendly Brands" which detail the six products that were used as promotional propaganda throughout the season. The second was that the mission statement and Perfect Harmony article was removed and a single feature Breaking News article replaced them. News articles from Version 2 still appear in this version.

Version 3: Vampire-Friendly BrandsEdit

  • Ecko - As part of a national public-arts initiative, Ecko has opened a series of all-vampire art exhibitions in urban spaces. Donations collected at openings in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago will aid victims of anti-vampire attacks.
  • Geico - A leader in the fight to license vampire drivers, GEICO has been a strong advocate to ease the document requirements for individuals claiming their existence for the first time.
  • Gillette - This manufacturer managed to help both its human and vampire customers by launching a campaign that encourages good hygiene and spreading awareness of the blood-borne pathogen Hepatitis D.
  • Harley-Davidson - The American icon has been vital to community outreach across the nation, sponsoring "U-Night," a series of nocturnal motorcycle rallies bringing together humans and vampires for some good old-fashioned, two-wheeled fun.
  • Mini - One of the first companies to remove industrial silver from their product line, MINI greatly reduced the contamination risk for thousands of vampires, eliminating silver-oxide from its electrical components and replacing silver-plated bearings with ceramic alternatives. While this line of car's compact size and agile performance are already ideal for night driving, MINI has also optimized headlight optics for treacherously dark roads.
  • - The job boards at pre-empted discrimination legislation by refusing to post any employment opening that excludes vampires. This industry leader's move essentially established self-regulation of the recruiting business overnight.

Version 4: 2010 - 2011Edit

M-americanvampireleague com-003

The fourth version of the site was created during the series third season, as a formal apology from the AVL for the irreversible and selfish acts committed by vampire Russell Edgington. In an effort to completely revamp their look, the site was completely redesigned. The former, and softer, layout is replaced with a bolder, fresh look.

  • News articles from previous versions have been done away with, as has all of the Intolerance Watch articles.
  • There are still four links at the top, but they have changed. "Home" still takes you to the site's mainpage. "News" will take you to the newer News Archives. The third, "About the AVL" takes you to a message from Nan Flanagan and the AVL's "Commitment to Tolerance" and the fourth, "Our PACT" takes you to a page containing the site's current mission statements in regards to their quest to achieve vampire-human coexistence.

The focal point of the mainpage is a picture of a determined Nan Flanagan that rests to the left of an article entitled "A Commitment to Tolerance"

A message from Nan Flanagan
I've been thinking a lot lately about terrorist.
It is dispiriting how an extreme minority can so profoundly disrupt the lives of many.
We at the AVL want the public to know that Russell Edgington is not one of us. And by "us" I mean peaceful, law-abiding citizens who seek to live side by side with humans, sans fear, sans hatred...

Under a section entitled "Current Headlines" lies a video of Eric Northman and the title "Our new PSA"

Eric Northman's public service announcement for the AVL is already helping us spread the message of tolerance and trust. In just a week, it has received thousands of views amongst vampires and humans.
A PSA from Eric Northman for the AVL-000:49

A PSA from Eric Northman for the AVL-0

Other headlines include articles found in the News Archives below: "Putting a Human Face on Vampirism", "Jerry McCafferty Memorial Scholarship Fund Established", "Slate of Tolerance Rallies Announced", "Research Initiative", "Support: We Are Only as Strong as Our Weakest Link".

Version 4: About the AVLEdit


I've been thinking a lot lately about terrorists.

It is dispiriting how an extreme minority can so profoundly disrupt the lives of so many.

We at the AVL want the public to know that Russell Edgington is not one of us. And by '-us' I mean peaceful, law-abiding citizens who seek to live side by side with humans, sans fear, sans hatred.

The murder of news anchor Jerry McCafferty was a devastating loss for his family, friends and the field of journalism.  I would submit that this act of terrorism was also a loss for vampire- and human-kind, for it reignited fears that so many had worked tirelessly to quell. It was certainly a setback for all of us at the AVL and the painstaking work of this organization on behalf of vampire equality.

But we cannot let the terrorists win.

And so, we have redoubled our efforts to spread the message of tolerance. To rebuild bridges. And to take responsibility by creating new initiatives to encourage those vampires who may be struggling with urges to seek help before it is too late.

We will not forget. But we will not give up on our dream of integration, equality, and tolerance.
In unity,
Nan Flanagan

Version 4: Our PACTEdit

June 28, 2011

We understand that rebuilding trust takes time. We will be here until the end.

We do not blame a race for a single transgressor.

Our community has opened its coffers to support bridge-building efforts.

We will not rest until we achieve fearless, hate-free coexistence.

Version 4: News ArchivesEdit


Version 4: Reader CommentsEdit

As on prior companion sites, comments can be posted. But unlike other sites where comments seems to be fixed, and user comments could never actually be added, this version introduces articles that appear to have legitimate comments, due to the fact that this site actually contained a spot in which comments could be made. There is a possibility that once a user tried to post a comment, a message would appear saying that the comment couldn't go through, for one reason or another.

Comments were no longer added after certain dates, usually within two months after the articles addition. It is for this reason the possibility strongly suggests the comments are indeed fixed. If this is true, articles will be amended to include all comments.

Version 5: 2011 - 2013Edit

M-americanvampireleague com-004

The site's fifth version appeared during the series' fifth season, shortly after vampire spokeswoman Nan Flanagan steps down from her spot at the AVL. Televangelist Steve Newlin takes her place, becoming the AVL's new spokesman.

Virtually identical to Version 4, the site's fifth version replaces Nan's Commitment to Tolerance with Steve Newlin's "Nothing to Fear". Nan's message on the site's "About" page has been replaced by Steve Newlin's.

Below the image of the former Reverend Newlin's welcome lies a list of all of the news articles on the site. Identical to Version 4, two new articles have been added.

  • All of the articles that were part of the Version 4 archives are a part of Version 5's. Two new articles have been added.
  • The section "Our Pact" remains the same is in Version 4.
  • The same debate about reader comments as alluded to above continues still in Version 4.

Version 5: About the AVLEdit


The recent attacks against Tru Blood factories are certainly cause for concern. But vampires should rest assured the AVL is working round the clock with Homeland Security to bring these terrorists to justice and to restore our food supply chain. And I want to assure all Americans there is no reason to panic. The streets are just as safe at night as they’ve always been. Vampires are committed to keeping the peace.

I cannot stress enough: Do not listen to alarmist reports of “Vampire Armageddon,” “Vampocalypse,” or other feeding-frenzy mudslinging.

Finally, I would like to remind the public that it is vampires who are the real victims of these attacks against our food supply. Evil terrorists are trying to drive us back into the dark ages. But we will not break. Though I am a mere infant in this race, I have been impressed over and over again by how prepared mainstreamers are for a Tru Blood shortage, with stockpiles to last several lifetimes.

We are ready. We will persevere in our mission to share the world with humans.

In Unity,
Steve Newlin

Version 5: News ArchivesEdit


Version 6: 2013 - 2014Edit

The site was only used as a redirect that led the viewer to the True Blood page on the HBO website,

Error 404 PagesEdit

When a user tried to access a file that didn't exist on the AVL website, an Error 404 page would pop up which read as followed:

The page NAME OF PAGE could not be located on this website.
We recommend using the navigation bar to get back on track within our site. If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact a site operator. Thank you!

Page BottomEdit

The bottom of the page contains links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as well as the standard HBO copyright of the time, and the copyright date changed to reflect each year the site was updated:

© 2008 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States. This website may contain adult content.

Facebook PresenceEdit



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