July 2011

Putting a Human Face on Vampirism

July 1, 2011

Production is underway for a new public education campaign, designed to increase awareness and quell fears. Reminding the public that Vampires Were People Too, the campaign will feature key figures from our community. Check back soon for our first PSA, expected to appear on local stations starting? June 27th.

Jerry McCafferty Memorial Scholarship Fund Established

July 1, 2011

The AVL is pleased to announce the endowment of the Jerry McCafferty Memorial Scholarship fund, to be awarded annually to a graduate student specializing in human rights reporting. Open to any man or woman enrolled in an accredited broadcast journalism advanced degree program.?

Slate of Tolerance Rallies Announced

July 1, 2011

The AVL is launching a campaign of Tolerance rallies in key communities. We are enlisting an impressive roster of guest speakers to share their personal experiences with vampire-human relations. We will provide customizable flyers. If you are interested in organizing a rally in your town, contact the AVL.

Research Initiative

July 1, 2011

The AVL has created a task force to research preventative techniques to improve vampire impulse-control. Areas of investigation include: can brain imagining identify a "feeding" area of the brain; exercise and the effect of endorphins on appetite suppression; an fMRI study to look at the impact of mediation on brain waves; varying responses to synthetic vs. real blood; a longitudinal trial following sexually active vs. celibate vampires and their relative feeding habits.?

Support: We Are Only as Stong as Our Weakest Link

July 1, 2011

The AVL has announced a fundraising campaign for a 12-hour overnight hotline, staffed by counselors who can offer advice and crisis counseling to vampires who experience impulses or dangerous thoughts about human feedings. In this manner, we hope to intervene before impulses escalate to action.

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