Maurella QuadrupletsEdit

"Save Yourself"Edit

Andy's fairy babies

"Hi daddy!"

Four girls are born to Andy Bellefleur and Maurella, none of which are given names.  They are beautiful, brown-haired girls who all grow incredibly fast. ("Save Yourself")

"Who Are You, Really?"Edit

In almost no time, they have grown to around 20 years old, and decide to sneak out to go party. When they try to buy beer at a convenience store in their skimpy small outfits, the creepy clerk tries to sneak them in the back to do them (tricking them). Jessica shows up and glamours him into forgetting he ever saw them and that an ID is not needed. She then persuades them to come "party" at her house. Bill's true intention however, was to get their blood in order to synthesize it with Dr. Takahashi. ("Who Are You, Really?")

"The Sun"Edit

The girls attempt to leave the house after being creeped out and bored, when one of them gets a cut on her wrist. Jessica cannot control herself and drains them all. It is unknown whether or not they are alive at this time. ("The Sun")

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