Andy was the local detective who investigated a rash of murders. He was convinced that Jason Stackhouse was the killer, even going as far as to accuse him of killing his own grandmother. He was seen at every crime scene and was very bone-headed in his investigation. When Jason confessed to the murders, Andy dramatized this confession while relating the story at Merlotte's, making himself a town hero. However, when the killer was revealed to be René, he became the town laughingstock and took to drinking.

After drinking a few too many at Merlotte's, he was escorted outside by Jason's sister, Sookie and her best friend Tara to wait for his sister to pick him up. Insisting that he was fine, he instead tried to find his car which had been moved. Once he finally located it, he found a dead body inside prompting him to say "That's not mine." ("You'll Be the Death of Me") The body was that of Nancy LeGuare who had had her heart cut out by a "Saucer Eyed" Eggs (but this was not known until the end of Season 2).

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