Season 4Edit

"She's Not There"Edit

Andy is struggling with a V addiction and harasses Lafayette at Merlotte's. Jason has to come in and help keep Andy off of him.

While Bill is courting Portia, Andy's sister, it is discovered that Bill is in fact Andy's Great-great-great-great grandfather. After finding Sarah Compton's name in the Bellefleur's family bible, both Bill and his great-great granddaughter Caroline (Andy and Portia's grandmother) agree that the courtship between Bill and Portia must end. Portia however, confronts him soon after, stating that in many states it is legal for cousins to marry. Incestuous behavior is considered taboo is because of the possibility of genetic problems in offspring. This should not matter between Portia and Bill however since vampires and humans can not reproduce together anyway. ("She's Not There")

"You Smell Like Dinner"Edit

Returning to Hotshot, Louisiana, the Werepanther trailer park, Andy Bellefleur drives up in a frenzy, using supposedly official police business to try to scare some V out of the people. Crystal, hopped up on V, jumps on top of a still-bound Jason and stuffs a rag in his mouth to keep him from screaming and alerting Andy, saying they only have to wait a little longer before they can be together forever. But outside, Andy's fist is pumping open and closed anxiously. Felton recognizes this side-effect of V-withdrawal, and sends one of the elderly Hotshot residents up to Andy with a vial of V. Andy hungrily seizes it, informs everyone loudly that he's taking it as official evidence, and quickly drives off. ("You Smell Like Dinner")

"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"Edit

Andy continues to struggle with his V addiction, saying a sobriety prayer but giving in and taking a dose while on patrol. ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")

"I'm Alive and on Fire"Edit

True Blood Season 4 - (7)

Andy is shocked to find a gator in the back of Sam's van

Bill pays a visit to Portia Bellefleur and her grandmother Caroline Bellefleur. Andy, who is living in the large home, comes downstairs to leave, but is prompted to stay by his grandmother. ("I'm Alive and on Fire")

"Me and the Devil"Edit

Sam is pulled over while trying to help Tommy get rid of the dead bodies in the van. Andy makes Sam open the back of the van. Tommy has shifted into an alligator. Sam says he found the gator near some dumpsters and was bringing it to the swamp. ("Me and the Devil")

"I Wish I Was the Moon"Edit


Andy (with V-induced strength) helps Holly and then asks her out

Andy comes by to help with the homes that were burnt in the freak fire that occurred in Terry and Arlene's house, and ends up exchanging threats with Sam. He later assists Holly by lifting a chair and asks her out on a date to which Holly accepts. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit

Andy comes into Merlotte's and the date between Andy and Holly ensues. He brought her Winn-Dixie flowers that he got on sale, and the short lived "date" is complicated by Andy's V withdrawal. He ends up rudely dashing out of the bar, telling Holly that this was a mistake and takes back his flowers as well. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


Andy and Jason investigate the peculiar death of newly discovered vampire, Beulah Carter. Andy exhibits signs of desperation as he is tempted to consume the blood of a destroyed vampire in order to get high. However, Jason intervenes and prevents him from doing so in public. ("Spellbound")

"Let's Get Out of Here"Edit

Arlene and Terry are distraught when Mikey is kidnapped. Jason and Andy try to figure out what happened. Hoyt calls Jason to tell him that Lafayette has the baby and has forced him out of his house at gunpoint. Andy leaves the room to get some pants for Hoyt, but instead downs a vial of V he found in the sofa cushions.

Jason, a pants-less Hoyt and Andy are now outside of Hoyt's home. Andy is pumped with V and approaches the scene. He tells Lafayette, who is being possessed by Mavis, to let him in. Jason, fearing for Mikey's safety, tells Andy that the police rules dictate to diffuse a situation. Ignoring Jason, Andy breaks the door down and Lafayette/Mavis refuses to give up Mikey. Terry and Arlene show up soon after and with the Help of Jesus Velasquez are able to save both Mikey and Lafayette. Once the ordeal with Mavis is over, Jason admits his disappointment and lack of faith to Andy. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

"Burning Down the House"Edit

In Andy's room, Terry and Arlene wake, and yell at him for having V in the house. He denies that it’s his and attempts to convince them it’s evidence. Arlene yells at him and says that he’s not going to be able to see her babies until he gets clean. Terry takes Andy to "Fort Bellefleur," a fort where Andy, Terry, and possibly Portia once played as a children. It is then revealed that Andy took care of Terry after he had returned from military service in Afghanistan with Shell-Shock. Andy says that he’s a better man on V, and that he doesn't disappoint those around him while using the drug, but Terry doesn't believe him, and convinces Andy that he is just as good of a man off V, than he is on it. Terry challenges Andy to shooting their guns at cans, and if he can't make one shot, than he is truly addicted to V and needs help. Andy keeps missing all of his shots because of V withdrawal and loses.

While this is happening, revelations of the Bellefleur history surface, it is revealed that when they were younger, Terry's family was broke, and Andy's mother ran off, after his father had passed away. The cousins begin to fight, and Terry holds Andy down, forcing him to say that he won’t do V anymore. They make amends and tell each other, “I love you”. Andy says that he’s not going to relapse. Terry tells him to walk all the way home as the first step to recovery. ("Burning Down the House")

"Soul of Fire"Edit

During his walk, a fairy named Maurella erupts from what seems to be a Chandelier of light. After their initial meeting, where Maurella thinks Andy is a vampire due to smelling like one from his previous V usage and blasting him with her power of Photokinesis, Maurella and Andy share light through the touch of their fingers, and make love in the woods. It can be presumed that Maurella mated with Andy in order to produce a Human Fairy Hybrid offspring, but we have yet to see the outcome of their rendezvous. As Andy arrives at home, he meets a waiting Arlene telling him Terry was worried sick about him. He tells her about his encounter with Maurella in the woods, but Arlene believes he was still hallucinating from the V usage. ("Soul of Fire")

"And When I Die"Edit

The next day, Andy confronts Holly about the reason behind his sudden departure during their failed date. He explained that he was on V in order to strengthen his self-image and promote confidence, and assured her that he was sober and still willing to pursue a relationship with her. Holly then asks him for a hug. ("And When I Die")

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