Season 5Edit

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"Edit

6 Andy and Holly in bed 5x1

Andy and Holly in bed together.

Holly's ex-husband drops her sons off at home from a hunting trip. They discover Andy in bed with their mom, nude. He wakes Holly up, and she is surprised to see Wade and Rocky there. She awkwardly introduces them to Andy. Andy finally gets his pants and leaves in a rush, as the conversation between the Clearys degrades into an argument.

At Merlotte's, Jason and Andy are eating lunch when Judge Clemmons approaches to discuss a speeding ticket his son Ronny got. Jason tries to talk to the road crew, including Hoyt, but they continue to tease him and call him "girlfriend fucker". Hoyt tells Jason to "get the fuck out of my face". ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

"Authority Always Wins"Edit

Jason and Andy are on patrol when Andy starts to discuss Holly and their relationship. He is worried about her avoidance of him, but Jason states it's a good thing. Andy asks about Jason and his "vampire lady friend" (Jessica), wondering if it's a good situation. Jason shows a bit of hesitation, but says yes, it is the perfect situation. They pull up on an abandoned mini-van. Jason discovers it belongs to Debbie Pelt while Andy discovers V. He first put's it in his pocket, but then hands it over to Jason- who pours it out.

Andy walks in to the police station and ask's Kevin Ellis about the ticket he gave to Judge Clemmons son Ronny. Kevin says that he was going 80 in a school zone and also flipped him off. He tells Kevin to expunge the ticket (even though Ronny almost killed a kid). He is the sheriff, and Kevin has no choice but to listen. A young boy walks into the station asking for Officer Stackhouse, then punches him. He says his parents are getting a divorce because Jason slept with his mom Sharon Singer. Jason at first doesn't remember her, but after seeing a picture of her says "Oh yeah, Crazy Sharon", which starts another minor brawl. Andy breaks up the fight and brings the kid out of the station. ("Authority Always Wins")

"Whatever I Am, You Made Me"Edit

S05E03 Andy on Facebook

Andy learns of his embarrassing photo put on Facebook.

Andy arrives at the Sheriff’s office. Rosie mocks him because a picture of his night with Holly has been posted by Holly's kids on their Facebook profiles, labeling him as "Sheriff Mom Fucker". Furious, Andy demands they get back to work. He turns his anger on the newly arrived Gordon and Barbara Pelt, Debbie Pelt's parents. He apologizes and then explains that they have found Debbie's abandoned car.

Andy questions Sookie about Debbie's location while she is working. Sookie tells him that she and Debbie never got along due to her friendship with Alcide. She maintains that while she didn't like Debbie, she doesn't know where she is. During the questioning, a paranoid Lafayette is watching and drinking by the bar. Andy lets Sookie walk and requests to speak to Holly outside. Lafayette tells Sookie they're screwed and that they're going to jail, but Sookie remains the stronger of the two and tells Lafayette to hold it together. Lafayette agrees and yells at Arlene about cold food left behind his serving counter. While Sookie pours a cup of coffee, she is seen trembling in fear. Outside the bar, Andy shows Holly a picture of Debbie and asks if she knew her. Holly says that she didn't. Andy then shows her the picture that her kids posted on Facebook. Holly freaks out and assures him that they will be punished. Andy tells her not to worry about it and asks if she wants to take their relationship to the next level. Holly agrees. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

"We’ll Meet Again"Edit

Andy is at the station flirting with Holly Cleary on the phone. Judge Clements walks in and teases Andy about his nude picture on Facebook while also thanking him for clearing a speeding ticket on behalf of his son. The Judge then invites Andy and Jason out for the night to celebrate, pointedly excluding Deputy Kevin Ellis. Clements than says he will meet them at the station later that night, teasing Andy once more as he leaves.

The Pelt family calls Andy at the station to say that they no longer wish to search for Debbie. Jason says that's great as now they can close the case. Andy refuses and says he'll try to get a search warrant from Judge Clements to search the homes in the vicinity of where Debbie's car was found. He reassures Jason that he will not have to participate in the search of Sookie's house. Jessica runs in and glamours Andy into forgetting about the case. Jason is relieved and tells Jessica that she really is a good friend to have.

Judge Clements, Andy, and Jason get into a limousine with three beautiful women Delilah, Angelica, and Lilianne. As they sit, bags are placed over their heads. Jason and Andy grow paranoid, but Judge Clements assures them that it's okay and seems to be enjoying it. One of the girls tells the chauffeur to drive.

Andy, Jason and Judge Clements are still wearing bags over their heads as they are walked into a field by the girls. Their escorts open a portal to the fairy world and take the three men inside. The bags are removed so that they can take in the nightclub setting. Judge Clements leaves with one girl and Jason hooks up with another, Leda. Andy is recognized by Maurella. He wonders if he was dreaming their first night together and she assures him that he wasn't. He asks if this is a dream. She kisses him and asks what he thinks. Andy says he doesn't care and walks away with her.

S05E04 Fairies

Fairies attack Andy and Jason.

Jason recognizes his cousin Hadley Hale and tries to talk to her, but other fairies separate them. Andy intervenes and tries to help Jason. They are thrown out of the fairy safehouse. They look around and realize that they are in the middle of a field. Andy notices two male fairies appear in front of them. Andy and Jason scream as they are hit with beams of light projected by both fairies. ("We’ll Meet Again")

"Let's Boot and Rally"Edit

Arlene stage whispers at Andy to answer his phone before it wakes the baby. Arlene walks into the living room to find Andy sleeping naked on the couch. Andy wakes up in a panic and quickly covers himself. The baby suddenly wakes up and an angry Arlene goes to tend to him. Andy answers his phone and is summoned to a crime scene.

Jason meets Andy at the scene of the murder of Suzanne and Emory. Andy calls Jason over. Jason asks him if he remembers how they got home. Andy says that he doesn't, and Jason tells him that the people in the club were fairies. Andy shakes off the thought of having slept with a fairy. He refuses to let what happened ruin what he has with Holly and tells Jason that they'll never speak of it again. Andy questions Sam about what happened. Sam tells him that they had invited him over for dinner but he arrived to find them dead on the porch. Andy asks if Sam knows anyone that would have wanted them dead and Sam cannot think of anyone. Andy asks Sam if there was anything else and Sam admits that they are all shifters and occasionally ran together. Andy is unfazed and tells Sam to stick around.

Jason finds a wooden bullet lodged in a tree. He extrapolates that the shooters might also have a grudge against vampires and the supernatural. Jason realizes that before vampires made themselves public, the supernatural have been killing for years making it seem like natural death. Jason then says that vampires have been getting away with murder for too long. Andy determines where the shooters fired from and what kind of tires their vehicle had. He concludes that they killed in cold blood.

Later that night Sam and Luna Garza are attacked by masked gunmen outside her home. ("Let's Boot and Rally")


They both survive the shooting but Luna is hospitalized. Sam finds Andy and demands that he help him find the group of men hunting shifters.

Andy visits the Stake House weapons store to investigate the shifter hunters. As Andy questioning the clerk, Junior, Sam walks in and peruses the equipment. Junior is concerned about Sam. As he is talking to Andy, he slowly reaches under the counter and pulls out a loaded gun. Before he can aim it, Sam puts a crossbow bolt through his chest. Shocked, Andy thanks Sam for saving his life. Sam explains that he could sense the man shifting into survival mode. ("Hopeless")

"In the Beginning"Edit

Deputy Kevin Ellis interrogates Andy at the scene of the shooting of the Stake House clerk Junior. Sam sniffs around for clues in the back of the store. Deputy Kenya Jones stands by, watching him quizzically. Sam's acute sense of smell draws him to a box in the rear of the store containing the Obama masks the shooters have been wearing.

Andy pays Sheriff Bud Dearborne a visit, worried that he's not doing a good job. Bud is with his mistress, Sweetie Des Arts, and blows Andy off.

Sam later captures one of the shooters, Joe Bob, as he attempts to infiltrate the hospital. ("In the Beginning")

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit

Joe Bob, the member of the anti-supernatural group that Andy has in custody, isn't talking. Sam asks if he can try interrogating him. Sam turns himself into a cobra and learns that they have Jessica. Luna/Sam arrives at the station and tells Sam she doesn't know what happened and can't shift back.

Sam, Andy and Luna arrive at the compound and find Jessica. Sam and Luna smell a human woman. Jessica is surprised Hoyt's not the reason they are there. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"Edit

With the sun about to come up Jessica leaves the police station. She makes Jason promise that he will find Hoyt. The cops finds a website called "Keep America Human." On the site is a video of the Obamas tying vampires down in the sun. They hear references to "Long live the Dragon!" and Andy is reminded of Cleetus Boathouse, a former Ku Klux Klansman who died 20 years ago. Andy and Jason wonder who the new Dragon might be. They question Joe Bob but he won't tell them anything about the Dragon; they give him a severe beating but he still says nothing.

Andy talks to the press about the Obamas but withholds key details of the ongoing investigation. Sam and Luna return to the station and tell Andy they picked up the scent of pigs when they went back to the basement where Jessica was held. They are dissatisfied with Andy's seeming unwillingness to help them and decide to go out on their own. They both shift into flies.

Andy and Jason look for connections between Junior and Joe Bob. Andy says that both were arrested by Bud, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Andy then notices one of the dancing Obamas in the video is wearing the cowboy boots Bud was given at his retirement party. They believe Bud is the Dragon. Luna and Sam go unnoticed listening to their conversation in fly form.

Jason and Andy break into Bud's place. Jason sees a framed photo of Bud's wife and recalls that her family owned a pig farm. The shifters use their eavesdropping to go straight to the pig farm and find that Bud has taken Hoyt and Sookie captive.

Sam, shifted into a pig, saves Sookie from being thrown into the pigpen by catching her. Sweetie runs away as soon as she sees the "dirty shifter." Sam takes on all the Obamas and fares well. Andy and Jason pull up. Andy pulls his gun on Bud. When Bud praises the humans and makes a move at Sam with his shovel Andy shoots him in the chest, killing him. Jason grabs Sookie, who points him to a very weak Hoyt. Outside Luna takes the form of a dog to run Sweetie down. Luna shifts back and begins to beat the snot out of Sweetie.

Hoyt is taken to the hospital with a weak pulse. Andy is about to take Sookie home because she refuses to get checked up. She says that she will be fine as soon as she has washed the pig out of her hair. Sam thanks Andy. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

"Gone, Gone, Gone"Edit

Andy meets Holly in the bar and she reveals that she has asked Lafayette to prepare dinner for them as a thank you for taking her home from work every night during the vampire crisis. Holly flirts with Andy as they eat. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")


At Merlotte's, Holly gives Andy Bellefleur breakfast and tells him she has another surprise: an apology from her two sons. One of the sons apologizes for putting the nude picture of Andy on Facebook, while the other is harsh and unapologetic. Andy tells them that he will treat Holly right, and they share a handshake.

Arlene and Terry explain to Andy how to make a long term relationship work at Merlotte's. They are interrupted by the arrival of the heavily pregnant Maurella. She tells Andy that he is the father. Andy explains that he'd rather be with someone of the same species even though he accepted her light. She warns that deceiving her and her fairies will lead to war between their kinds. ("Sunset")

"Save Yourself"Edit

Maurella visits Merlotte's and asks Andy for salt. She downs a whole shaker as he tries to explain their affair to Holly. Maurella's light breaks and she goes into labor.

Holly is forced to midwife as Maurella gives birth to 4 baby girls. She quickly leaves, instructing Andy to take care of their children and make sure at least two survive into adulthood. Holly, shocked, calls Andy a dick. ("Save Yourself")

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