Season 7Edit

"Jesus Gonna Be Here"Edit

While at home with Adilyn, Andy gets a phone call from Jason who tells him about the attack and Tara's death. He walks out of the house, ready to help others and tells Jessica about Tara's death and also tells Adilyn not to invite her in on any circumstance. Andy is also told by Bill that the vampires will live in a secluded nest together and he teams up with Bill to track down the missing people, including Holly and Arlene. They later go to an abandoned storage unit and discover it's a vampire nest, and continue searching until they found a few dead bodies hanging upside down, which makes Andy sick. They are stopped by protesters who threaten too shoot Bill for being a vampire. Andy, however manages to trick them into giving them their gun and turns it around to them and tell them to go away because "taking a human life is much worse than a vampire's". Bill thanks Andy, who rejects his thanks and tells him to leave town if he knows what's good for him. ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")

"I Found You"Edit

Andy, Sam, Jason, and Kenya are outside of the church the following day discussing on where the H-Vamps could be with the captives. Sookie tells them that she found a dead girl in the woods last night and perhaps they could search her body to get any clues on where the H-Vamps were last. Andy tells Kenya to stay at the station while Sookie takes Alcide, Sam, Jason and Andy to the body in the woods. In the woods Andy and Jason search the girl and retrieve her wallet. They then find out she's from the next town over called "Saint Allis". While Sam tries calling the mayor Andy tries calling the Sheriff's Station in Saint Allis, however it rings continuously with no answer. The group decides then to take a road trip to the town.

Andy and Jason carpool over to Saint Allis with the Sam, Sookie, and Alcide. In Saint Allis they discover that the town is deserted and find all the windows to be boarded up with SOS and help signs tagged everywhere. Sookie then finds a massive hole in the ground and brings it to everyone's attention. They then see everyone in the town is dead when they find hundreds of bodies dumped in the massive hole. When Andy returns to Bon Temps that night he discovers Jessica Hamby was invited in his home and that Adilyn was missing. After almost attacking Jessica he's tackled down and Jessica tells him she is going to help him find his daughter. ("I Found You")

"Fire in the Hole"Edit

Andy and Jeesica arrive at the Police Station to help Adilyn and Wade Cleary out of a cell they were placed in by Vince and his Posse. Andy, Jessica and the two teens then go to Jason's home to tell Jason that they believe Sookie might be in danger since the Vigilantes are hunting anyone who's different. Andy tells his daughter and Wade to stay in Jason's house while Andy, Jason, Violet, and Jessica go to find Sookie. They come across Sam's abandoned truck in the middle of the road and are then confronted by Vince's Gang. In a stand off Maxine Fortenberry in anger shoots Jessica in the shoulder and Violet kills her. As the Posse scatters Andy tells Violet to grab Rocky Cleary and bring him back alive.

Andy and his group show up again to Save Sookie and Bill from being attacked by H-Vamps. Only to loose Alcide when he's shot in the head by two of Vince's guys hiding in the bushes. ("Fire in the Hole")

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