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Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

Arlene Season 7
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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76 episodes (see below)
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Turning age
Vampire age
Date of birth
Date of death
Waitress (former)
Current owner of Bellefluer's Bar and Grill
Human / Medium(possibly)
Family members
Arlington Holden - Father
Delilah Holden - Mother (deceased)
Terry Bellefleur - Husband (deceased)
Rene Lenier - Ex-Fiancee (deceased)
Mona Holden - Sister
Lisa Fowler - Daughter
Coby Fowler - Son
Mikey Bellefleur - Son
Portrayed by


"I did not survive four lousy husbands, a serial killer boyfriend and the sort of suicide of my love Terry, to die in the dingy basement of a fucking vampire bar."
―Arlene Bellefleur, to Holly, Jane and Nicole[src]

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur is a major character on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by starring cast member Carrie Preston, Arlene made her debut in the series' first season, and has remained a prominent character through the series' second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. She is the current owner of Bellefluer's Bar and Grill and friend to Sookie Stackhouse. Married five times, she has three children, Coby, Lisa and Mikey. She was married to Terry Bellefleur in the fourth season ("She's Not There") taking his surname as her married name ("Me and the Devil"). Her marriage was abruptly halted due to Terry's untimely death the series' sixth season.

Although it has never been addressed directly, Arlene seems to be a medium, albeit one of far less power than Lafayette Reynolds. She was able to see the ghosts of Rene, Mavis and Zaafira. If she is a medium, even one of lesser power, this would explain Mikey's mediumship.


Arlene is a sassy Southern woman who sees herself as spunky; she says what she wants, sometimes disregarding others' feelings. Arlene is a fair-weather friend. Sookie finds herself working Arlene's shifts when she needs to leave early and takes care of her kids while she is at dates. Still, a lot of her flightiness at work is due to how much she worries about her children, and it is apparent time and time again that they are her whole world. 

Arlene also proves to be a caring and loving individual. She is fiercely protective of her children, refusing to leave her burning house until she found them. While she has a good heart, she is often apt to resort to bigotry (directed at vampires) and openly disapproves of Sookie's relationship with Bill. Arlene often makes remarks that have distinctly racist undertones though this often appears to be unintentional. Despite her flaws, it is clear that she's capable of deep love and devotion, as seen in her relationships with Terry Bellefleur and her children.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Arlene seeing Rene's ghost.

Arlene is a psychic medium. She has the ability to see the spirits of the deceased. As shown, when she was able to see the ghost of her deceased love Rene. Also, she was able to see the ghost of Mavis an African Woman after Mikey because she felt as if Mikey was her own son who was killed.

Her mediumship explains why Mikey can see ghost. Most likely, passed on to him by his mother. 

The current extent of her powers are not fully shown. It is not known yet if she is a natural born Wiccan or not.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Arlene: Shit, I'm pregnant again.
  • Arlene: "You two wanna go trick or treating at the trailer park again getting bags of empty Coors cans and food stamps or do you want candy? Your choice."
  • Arlene: "No darlin' we're white. He's dead." [to Coby]("Sparks Fly Out")
  • Arlene (to Sookie, about Fangtasia): "Vampire bar wasn't all it was made out to be. I hear there are a lot of freaks and people from Arkansas." ("Sparks Fly Out")
  • Arlene: "Suppose she gets pregnant. How in the world can she nurse a baby with fangs?" ("Burning House of Love")
  • Arlene (to Andy Bellefleur, on relationships): "And loyalty. You gotta know that person is going to be there for you through thick and thin. 'Cause you never know when some Iraqi ghost lady is gonna curse your entire family." ("Sunset")

Memorable DialogueEdit

  • Arlene: I want you to promise me somethin', okay?
  • Sookie: Okay.
  • Arlene: Someday, if I ever find another man, I want you to look inside his head and tell me everything that's in there.
  • Sookie: Uh... Arlene, it doesn't really work that way.
  • Arlene: Promise me, okay? Cause I have the worst taste in men.("You'll Be the Death of Me")



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