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Audrey Fisher

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Audrey Fisher is an American costume designer who is responsible for most of the costume designs found on the HBO original series True Blood.


Audrey grew up sewing and making costumes, thanks to her mom who “was the best playmate”. Audrey’s mom took her to sewing classes and encouraged her daughter to explore the world of crafts and costumes. In college, Audrey wanted decided to study theater and attended NYU for the Performance Studio's graduate degree. While she was there, a friend spotted some “crazy hats” Audrey was making for an art class and asked if she would create the costumes for a production of Medea in the East Village.

That experience hooked Audrey on “building” costumes for the theater and she threw herself into the job. Through “a fortunate series of events”, after grad school Audrey went to Germany and Austria where she worked on costumes for the opera houses there, building everything from wigs to corsets to shoes. Following her time in Europe, Audrey worked in New York for a while before returning home to Los Angeles (she’s from Santa Monica) to create costumes for the theater there.



  • Milk
  • We Are Marshall


  • True Blood
  • That 70's Show
  • That 80's Show

External LinksEdit

Audrey Fisher Design, her personal website revolving around fashion styles designed for True Blood.

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