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Authority Chancellor

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  • Maintaining law and order
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Authority Chancellor is the title held by the members of the ruling council of the Vampire Authority on the HBO original series True Blood. The seven known Chancellors were the most politically powerful vampires in the world, ranking higher than Magisters and Vampire monarchs. Roman Zimojic, and later Salome Agrippa, the head of the council, was known as the Guardian, and was the only vampire to rank higher than the Chancellors.

Each Chancellor appeared to oversee a different region of the globe; Chancellor Alexander Drew, for example, was known to hold dominion over Scandinavia, and likely, the whole continent of Europe.


Roman's GuardianshipEdit

ChancellorAgeTermReason for VacatingMisc. Information
Dieter Braun 239Unknown-2009Executed for opposing new Sanguinista regimeLongest serving Chancellor; Intelligence Specialist
Rosalyn Harris~200Unknown-2009Joined new Sanguinista movement
Nan Flanagan816Unknown-2009Fired after Witch FiascoAVL Spokesperson
Salome Agrippa~2,000Unknown-2009Led coup against Roman Zimojic to become the new GuardianLead a coup against the Guardian
Alexander Drew100Unknown-2009Executed for being a Sanguinista
Kibwe Akinjide500Unknown-2009Joined new Sanguinista movement
Nora Gainesborough345Unknown-2009Joined new Sanguinista movemementJoined with Salome to lead a coup

Salome's GuardianshipEdit

ChancellorAgeTermReason for VacatingMisc. Information
Bill Compton1762009-2009IncumbentReborn after drinking Lilith's Blood
Rosalyn Harris~2002009-2009Killed by Sam Merlotte
Russell Edgington~3,0002009-2009ResignedNever believed in Sanguinista ideology
Eric Northman~1,1002009-2009ResignedNever believed in Sanguinista ideology; joined to save Nora and Bill
Steve Newlin322009-2009ResignedSpokesman, departed with Edgington
Kibwe Akinjide500Unknown-2009Killed by Bill Compton
Nora Gainesborough345Unknown-2009Resigned; Lost faith in Sanguinista ideology

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