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Battle of the Moon Goddess Emporium

Battle Information
October 30, 2009
Death of two vampire sheriffs; death of Marnie; Eric breaking his bond with Pam; death of Roy; Marnie turning into a spirit; death of Casey; Jason wounded and healed

The "Battle of the Moon Goddess Emporium" was an act of war on the HBO original series True Blood. Occurring at its namesake, the Moon Goddess Emporium in Shreveport, Louisiana, the battle was a one night event that occurred on the evening of October 30, 2009. War was waged between the vampires of Louisiana and the powerful witch Marnie Stonebrook. The battle marked the third direct confrontation between vampires and witches, and while the vampires brought associates to assist them, the coven of witches, with the exception of one member, that were so faithful to Marnie during the Battle of the Bon Temps Graveyard, no longer possessed any loyalty to their once proud and powerful leader, and left her to fight the battle alone. While Marnie and her one follower fend off advancing attacks it is known that this would be the deciding battle of the short Vampire Witch War.


Witch war originsEdit

The vampires of Louisiana had gotten into a heated conflict, turning into a war, with the local witches. Lead by Marnie Stonebrook, who gained power over vampires by inheriting the spirit of sorceress Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, the witches started a campaign intent on creating a world without vampires. After two major battles (The Battle of the Bon Temps Graveyard and the Battle of the Festival of Tolerance), however, Antonia no longer wished to be part of Marnie's plans and tried to leave her. Marnie would not let her, binding Antonia to her and hiding inside her occult shop, the Moon Goddess Emporium, with all of the witches and wiccans in her coven. Loyalty to Marnie dropped heavily until only Roy was loyal to her (though Jesus pretended to be).

Sookie Stackhouse received word from Bill Compton that the vampires were going to resolve the Witch War by blowing up Moon Goddess Emporium. To prevent this from happening (seeing as that Tara, Holly and many other innocent prisoners of Marnie would die), Sookie went to the Emporium accompanied by Jesus, Lafayette and Jason, her brother.

Jesus' break-inEdit


Jason failing to reach his friends and family before they are taken back into the Emporium by Marnie.

The group decided that Jesus would be the one to enter the Emporium to try and reason with Marnie. Jesus summoned his family's brujo magic to breach the protective spell Marnie had put up over the Emporium, and he succeeded. Jesus soon found out that Marnie was willingly being possessed by Antonia. From the inside, Tara and Holly cast a spell breaking Marnie's protective wall, allowing them to come out. Tara and Holly, ran towards Lafayette, Jason and Sookie. Marnie, however, found out soon enough and with her magic, brought all but Jason back inside.


Vampires' arrivalEdit

Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica arrived at dawn, carrying automatic weapons. They prepared to blow up the Emporium, but Jason stopped them announcing Sookie was still inside. Pam, Eric and Bill replied with a unanimous "Fucking Sookie!" before realizing they had to abort the mission as Eric and Bill still cared for Sookie.

Death of CaseyEdit


Antonia, enraged over Casey's death, trying to leave Marnie

Inside the Emporium, the witches were rebelling against Marnie, demanding to be released. Marnie simply put a dagger on the floor, telling her coven that anyone who would want to leave would have to use that dagger to fight off her guardian vampires. Casey charged at Marnie, who used a simple magic trick to shove the dagger in Casey's chest, killing her almost immediately. Jesus faked that Casey still had a heartbeat, however, so that he could use Casey's corpse in a ritual to extract Antonia from Marnie's body.

Support for Marnie dropped to a new low after Casey's murder, and even Antonia would not have any more of it. Antonia exited Marnie's body, trying to escape, but Marnie bound Antonia to her in front of Lafayette's eyes, who could watch as he is a medium. He kept Sookie, Jesus and the rest updated as Antonia was once more bound to Marnie. Jesus then left with Casey's body.

Death of the SheriffsEdit

Marnie sent the hypnotized vampire sheriffs after the four vampires outside. The four managed to kill Duprez offscreen, but Bill tried to talk sense into Kirsch. They soon had to conclude, however, that the spell was nearly impossible to break. Marnie came outside the Emporium in an attempt to negotiate with the vampires (as persuaded into doing that by Sookie and Holly) and put a last spell on Kirsch, whispering Necare Rex (Kill the King). Kirsch made another attempt to kill Bill, who slammed her into Marnie's magical wall where Kirsch exploded into a bloody mess.

Negotiation over SookieEdit


The explosion after Pam's gun fires right into the magical wall (click for animation)

Marnie offered Bill and Eric a deal; Sookie would walk free if they would kill themselves. Bill and Eric apparently agreed, perhaps holding a secret plan as their trump card, and prepared to shoot one another. Pam, distraught by the possibility of her maker meeting the true death, sped towards the car in which she came and grabbed an automatic weapon, firing directly at Sookie, despite Eric commanding her not to in the last minute before she does this. The fire from Pam's gun smashes into the magical wall, burning Jason severely, so that he needs Jessica's blood to heal him. Eric is angry with Pam for disobeying him, telling her to disappear or he'll kill her.

Marnie's final actEdit

When Marnie and Sookie go back inside, Marnie uses the pool of blood left behind by Casey to scrye the present situation outside the shop, then asks to see the future. The pool shows a dead Marnie with a bullethole in her forehead. Shocked, she begins to tell everyone that they need to band together if they are going to survive the vampire attack (even though she only saw herself killed). Reluctantly, everyone begins to join in the circle, even Sookie. Marnie casts a spell which causes the vampires to walk towards the shield, which can kill them. Jason tries to pull Jessica and Bill away from the shield. He cries to Sookie in his head for her to stop whatever is going on. Using her fairy powers, she breaks the spell, causing Marnie to believe that Sookie is trying to cross her. She causes everyone apart from Sookie to become stuck to the wall, and she creates a fire ring, trying to burn Sookie. Lafayette sees this and he gets Jesus to speed up the process of breaking Antonia out of Marnie's body. He does so—manifesting the demon's head again—with moments to spare. As Antonia's spirit vanishes, her spells and the fire ring around Sookie dissolve, as does the spell holding everyone to the walls. Marnie cries in despair, seeing her grand scheme falling to pieces.



Marnie's final death at hands of Bill.

Outside, the vampires see the protection shield go down. Bill and Eric rush inside Moon Goddess to kill everyone, but Sookie stops them, telling them that the majority of people in there were being held hostage by Marnie. Bill aims a gun at Marnie but Roy stands in her way, saying they'll have to go through him to get to Marnie. Eric rushes up to him and pulls his heart out, sucking the blood from it like a straw in front of a horrified Marnie. Bill then takes aim at Marnie, who berates Bill saying "Nobody lives forever--not even you!" As the words leave her mouth, Bill shoots Marnie multiple times, including a final shot into her forehead.

Afterward, Eric glamours several people in the area under Bill's orders. Unsure of her feelings and stunned from the recent rescue/attack, Sookie can do little but stand and stare at both Bill and Eric. Jessica goes up to a now-healed Jason, who still claims he can't stop thinking about her, blood or not. He asks Jessica what to do, but she playfully tells him she doesn't know and walks away.


The battle ended up turning Marnie Stonebrook in a potent and highly dangerous spirit. She later possessed a human body, killed Jesus Velasquez and almost burned Bill and Eric down, before being pulled out of the possessed body and forced to travel to the afterlife.

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