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Beulah Carter

Beulah Carter
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"Beulah! I've been meaning to talk to you about that hedge!"
Maxine Fortenberry, to Beulah Carter[src]

Beulah Carter was a vampire on the HBO original series True Blood. Residing in a small residential neighborhood in Bon Temps, Louisiana, Beulah lived next door to vampire hater Maxine Fortenberry. Destroyed when the powerful witch Antonia Gavilán de Logroño cast a spell that forced all vampires in Louisiana to rise from their coffins and walk into the daylight, where they then proceeded to burn to death, Beulah appears only on the episode "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" in the series' fourth season.



Season 4Edit

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit

Beulah burning

Beulah meeting the true death

It is unknown whether or not she received the king's message to use silver to bind herself, or if she was ready to meet the sun. Maxine attempted to start a conversation with Beulah about her hedge bush, however stood silent and watched her burn in awe while she held her water hose, with the only comment of "I knew it.." coming from her lips afterwards.

Although her age was never specified, she appeared to be quite old judging by how quickly she burned when she was exposed to the sun. During the initial investigation by the Coroner, Andy Bellefleur, and Jason Stackhouse; Andy heavily considered and attempted to drink from her remains, but was stopped short of doing so by Jason. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


  • Early promotional items released for the episode "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" list Beulah Carter's name as "Viola Lucardo".
  • She is the only vampire who died by Antonia's spell in the modern day.


Season four appearances
"She's Not There" "You Smell Like Dinner" "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" "I'm Alive and on Fire"
"Me and the Devil" "I Wish I Was the Moon" "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" "Spellbound"
"Let's Get Out of Here" "Burning Down the House" "Soul of Fire" "And When I Die"

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