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Season 7Edit

"Jesus Gonna Be Here"Edit

After the attack caused by the infected vampires, Bill warns Alcide, Jason and Andy that the infected vampires will live in a secluded nest, and he ends up teaming up with a reluctant Andy to track down the missing people who were taken from the party. But not before, he tells Sam to get every human a vampire, so that the vampires can escort the humans to safety (i.e. their homes) and also pairs James with Lafayette. Later on, Bill and Andy go to an abandoned storage unit and discover it's a vampire nest, and they continue searching until they found a few dead bodies hanging upside down. Bill and Andy are stopped by protesters who threaten to shoot Bill for being a vampire. However, Andy manages to trick them into giving them their gun and turns it around to them and tell them to go away because "taking a human life is much worse than a vampire's". Bill thanks Andy, who rejects his thanks and tells him to leave town if he knows what's good for him. This triggers a flashback to the time when he left his family for the war. ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")

"Thank You"Edit

Bill destroyed Season 7 Thank You

Bill destroyed.

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