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Bon temps cemetery

Location Information
French settlers


The Bon Temps Cemetery is a large graveyard found on the HBO original series True Blood. Resting in the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the Bon Temps Cemetery stands between halfling fae Sookie Stackhouse's home and the neighboring residence of vampire Bill Compton (now owned by Bon Temps Sheriff Andy Bellefleur).


Map of bon temps-cemetery

Depiction of map around the Cemetery

The Bon Temps Cemetery is located in the North Eastern part of the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

It rests between the home now owned by Sookie Stackhouse, formerly owned by Sookie's "gran", Adele and ex-confederate soldier turned Vampire King Bill Compton's southern plantation styled home. Bill's house is now owned by descendant, and Renard Parish Sheriff, Andy Bellefleur.

Known GravesidesEdit

Probable/Possible GravesitesEdit

Notable EventsEdit



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