Bud and Andy

Bud taking Andy off the case

In the second season, Bud investigates yet another string of murders. Maryann Forrester framed Sam for Daphne Landry's murder. Maryann takes Bud over when she demands to see Sam in his cell at the police station. Eventually, Maryann turns him into a mindless, orgy-loving sex freak like every other inhabitant of Bon Temps. After Maryann's departure, the still-conscious Andy Bellefleur and Jason Stackhouse take notice of Bud's odd behavior under Maryann's influence, which includes dancing around.

We start out season two with another murder scene. After Andy had too many drinks at Merlotte's, he, Sookie and Tara find a body in his car. Bud shows up and calls Andy over to him. Bud tells Andy he should call it a night and go home. Andy tells Bud he needs him there, Bud tells him he's over worked and drunk. After Sookie finds out Tara knew the victim, she talks her into telling the police what she knows. Back at the station, Bud tells Tara that the name of the woman killed was Nancy LeGuare. Tara tells them she knows her as Miss Jeanette and that she had a voodoo bus in the woods. Andy accuses Tara of knowing more than she says, and when he gets too forceful, Bud makes him go outside. Bud tells Andy he's done for the night, and that he might be considered a suspect. Tara's mother, Lettie Mae Daniels, comes in and Bud takes her to Tara. Tara tells her mother that Miss Jeanette was a con artist, and she stole their money. Later back at Merlotte's, Bud finds Andy drunk again, and tells him he's embarrassing himself. Bud tells him he's taking him off the case. ("Nothing but the Blood")

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