Season 5

"In the Beginning"

Sheriff Andy Bellefleur visits Bud for advice as how to be a good sheriff and how to deal with the negative aspects of the job. Bud however says that he is busy and rudely demands Andy to leave. ("In the Beginning")

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

Sookie visits Bud at his house, having recently learned that he discovered the corpses of her parents. Bud says there were bite marks on the bodies, but they were assumed to be from the wildlife because vampires were considered myth to the common public at the time. Sookie proceeds to ask questions such as if he knew who Warlow was. When she finds that he doesn't she is knocked unconscious by Sweetie.

Sookie awakens in Bud's pig farm, the headquarters of the group against supernaturals. Bud says that supernaturals have been trying to take over the world for years. Sweetie walks in and asks Bud to give Sookie Ginger Ale laced with Oxycontin. He says she isn't part of the conspiracy but Sweetie correctly convinces him of Sookie's non human status by explaining that she looks and talks like humans but is not human due to her abilities. Sookie tries to plead with Bud by saying he was meant to protect people and he states how he IS protecting people and that the law does nothing but gives monsters equal rights and sends patriots to jail and how the law gave him cancer and a sexless marriage. Sweetie goes on to say how she plans to start a war against supes and make their existence illegal. When Sookie tries to use her inhuman abilities to read her mind, Sweetie forces Bud to give her the Ginger-ale.

With Sookie knocked out, the Obamas try to kill her and Hoyt by feeding them to the pigs. Sam saves Sookie. Bud calls him a dirty shifter and attacks him but is quickly defeated due to the shifters inhuman strength while Sweetie retreats. Sam proceeds to fight the surrounding Obamas until Jason, Andy and the rest of the police arrive. Bud proceeds to raise his weapon against Sam until Andy calls him out by name. Bud removes the mask, hesitates and once he realizes he is caught, makes an attempt to attack Sam stating "Humans rule!" until Andy is forced to shoot him. The bullet hits him in the heart and he falls to the ground dead. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

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