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Bullets are projectile-like objects which can be shot from different kinds of guns and rifles. They come in various shapes and sizes to match the machine they are shot from, but are generally always cylindrical. While they are most commonly made of some sort of metal, on the HBO original series, True Blood, specialized types of bullets have been invented that specifically target vampires. By the series' seventh, and final, season, all four types of bullets below have become available at civilian gun outlets.


Regular BulletsEdit

Regular bullets are the main type of bullet. They are often made of some sort of metal and shot as a projectile at opponents to inflict injury or even death. When shot at a vampire, regular bullets will only cause minor injury due to a vampire's enhanced healing.

Wooden BulletsEdit

3x09 -franklin gets shot with a wooden bullet by jason 1

Franklin Mott after being shot by a wooden bullet.

Wooden bullets are the main weapon against vampires. When shot through the heart, they mimic the effect of a wooden stake, delivering the true death. They may or may not be filled with a silver core. To humans and other supernaturals, wooden bullets act as regular bullets. ("Everything Is Broken")

Silver BulletsEdit

3x09 -v-feds move in on fantasia

V-Feds, employers of wooden and silver filled bullets.

Silver bullets are another type of specialized bullet created to target vampires. Since vampires are highly allergic to silver these bullets will cause severe pain and weakness for the vampire. However, this effect is temporary as the vampire's body will push out the bullet in time.

Silver UV BulletsEdit

Silver UV bullets are the upgraded form of standard silver bullets. Inside their silver shell they house a compartment filled with Ultra Violet radiating fluid. The emitted UV light mimics the light of the sun and will burn a vampire from the inside out. It needs to be removed manually, as it prevents the vampire's body from healing and pushing the bullet out. ("The Sun")


  • Bullets filled with UV fluid were also used in the video game Underworld.

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