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Bunkie, Louisiana

Location Information
Major Irion (1822)
Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana
Residential area
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Bunkie, Louisiana is a town located in Avoyelles Parish (Louisiana's equivalent to saying "Avoyelles County") on the HBO original series True Blood. Located at the crossroads of Central Louisiana, Bunkie is a town known for being the "Home of the Louisiana Corn Festival".

Bunkie is depicted as the typical Southeastern small rural town, with most of its residents being conservative, working-class American citizens.  


Fictionally, Bunkie seems to be north of Bon Temps, Louisiana, although according to a map showing the location of "Renard Parish", the county in which Bon Temps resides, real life Bunkie would have been a lot farther to the south than is depicted.


Bunkie is the location of Big Patty's Pie House and once the home of Drew Marshall and Cindy Marshall. Sam Merlotte and Sookie Stackhouse visited Bunkie once to investigate the deaths in Bon Temps. They also visited the Bunkie Police Station.



The word "Bunkie" is a colloquialized form of the word "Bunkmate". The town of Bunkie, however, was named for the daughter of Captain Samuel Haas. According to the local legend, the daughter, Maccie, had a pet monkey as a child that she nicknamed "Bunkie", perhaps unintentionally mispronouncing "monkey" as "bunkie". Eventually the daughter herself took on the name, and her father named the town after her.

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