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This article covers a subject or facts that are not part of the True Blood television show, but instead are a part of the True Blood Universe found outside of the series: either found online, in comics, on Youtube, on DVD Extras, etc.

Coffin Night is a holiday celebrated on the HBO original series True Blood. Celebrated annually to commemorate the Great Revelation (in which vampires "came out of the coffin") and the beginning of mainstreaming, Coffin Night is intended to bring humans and vampires together. Both species take part in the festivities, which often involve humans and vampires greeting each other amicably. A common celebratory practice is the burning of coffins. This spectacle can sometimes be dangerous but is meant to symbolize the union between humans and vampires.

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the celebratory burning of coffins

This holiday appears only in the "Where Were You?" story arc of the comic book series (Ongoing 1-Ongoing 4).