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The French Quarter Issue #3
Comic Book Number 15
Written by David Tischman, Mariah Huehner
Details Full color, Created with 4 different covers.
Comic Guide
Issue #14 [FQ#2]
Issue #16 [FQ#4]

Comic Book Series - The French Quarter 3 refers to the third issue of the third story arc of the comic book series designed to complement, and are based on, the HBO original series True Blood. Published by the accomplished IDW Publishing, The French Quarter 3 is the fifteenth comic book within the True Blood comic book series.

Bill Compton is on his own, investigating the recent Hep-D outbreak in New Orleans’ vampire community–and the only link between the victims of the debilitating blood disorder and an 800-year old vampire serial killer is a New Orleans police detective who hates vampires. But it’s Eric Northman who makes a discovery about the serial killer’s identity that blows the case wide open. And Sookie Stackhouse is in the middle. Again. Back in Bon Temps, what happens in Fangtasia stays in Fangtasia, especially when Lafayette’s behind the bar.




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