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The Great Revelation - Issue #0
Comic Book Number 0
Publish Date July, 2008
Written by David Wohl
Comic Guide
Issue #1

Comic Book Series - The Great Revelation refers to "The Great Revelation", a graphic novel that is also a canonical prequel to the HBO original series True Blood. Not to be confused with the Great Revelation, the moment when vampires "came out of the coffin", "The Great Revelation" was released in printed form by Top Cow Publishing in July of 2008, and has been listed as "Issue #0" when juxtaposed with the 32 other comic books, released by IDW Publishing.


Making its debut after the discovery of the Gatekeeper on, one of the series' original companion websites, the comic was released online, as a feature on the original website. Five of the comic book's 24 pages were originally released, with a new page being released on subsequent Wednesdays throughout the series' first season's original run.


The story revolves around Lamar, the Vampire King of California, flying to Tokyo, Japan for a business meeting. On his way to the meeting he remembers certain moments in his life, and the chain of events that led to the Great Revelation.


  • True Blood: The Great Revelation
    • Story by: Brian Cain & Gregg Hale
    • Written by: David Wohl
    • Art by: Jason Badower
    • Colors by: Blond
    • Letters by Troy Peteri
  • True Blood: HBO Original series
  • Special thanks to: Alan Ball
  • Additional thanks to: Carol Trussell, Kate Barnow and Elisabeth Finch
  • For Top Cow Productions inc:
    • Mark Silvestri - CEO
    • Matt Hawkins - President and COO
    • Filip Sublik - Publisher
    • Rob Levin - VP - Editorial
    • Mel Caylo - VP -Marketing & Sales
    • Chaz Riggs - Graphic Design
    • Phil Smith - Managing Editor
    • Alyssa Phung - Controller
    • Adrian Nicito - Webmaster
    • Scott Newman - Production Assistant
    • Johnny Chuidian & Stephanie Wooten - Interns
  • For Spacedog Entertainment:
    • Roger Mincheff - President & Chief Executive Officer
    • Lauren Perry - Executive Editor/Project Manager
    • Heather Noonan - Marketing Director
    • Meredith Bunche - Director, Account Management
    • Michael Yong - Production Manager

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