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True Blood Issue #2
Comic Book Number 2
Trueblood comic2 cover 002
Publish Date August 2010
Written by Mariah Huehner, David Tischman
Details Full color, Created with 10 different covers.
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Issue #1
Issue #3

Comic Book Series - True Blood 2 refers to the second issue of the first story arc of the comic book series designed to complement, and are based on, the HBO original series True Blood. Published by the accomplished IDW Publishing, True Blood 2 is the second comic book within the True Blood comic book series.

While a Louisiana storm rages, the occupants of Merlotte's Bar are trapped inside with a strange spirit, vampires, various other creatures and their own secrets. Forced to reveal shameful stories from their pasts or face a gruesome death, Sookie Stackhouse tells her tale first. Bill Compton shows up just in find himself fighting for his unlife.



Sookie tells her parents she hates them

Sookie yells at the Imp Shaloop to let Bill go, claiming that she will do anything he asks. Intrigued by her offer, he tosses Bill across Merlotte's. The Imp finally tells the trapped gang that in order for him to leave, they must all divulge their deepest and darkest, most embarrassing and shameful secret they have. The Imp claims "with two vampires, a shapeshifter and an assorted group of interesting folks, I think things could get quite...colorful". Sookie briefly tries to read Ted's mind, but he hits her with his tentacle, knocking her down. Knowing she has no choice but to oblige, she begins to tell a dark secret. Sookie flashbacks as she tells a story of when she was a child. Her parents were reprimanding her for using her telepathic

Eric and Rachel (circa 1500's)

powers, yet Sookie was too young to realize she was doing anything wrong. She told her parents that she hated them, and that it was the last thing she ever told them before they died. After the flashback, Bill tells Sookie it wasn't her fault; that she was young and just couldn't control her abilities. Ted is not pleased with Sookie's story however; feeling she should have a more sinister, darker

Jorje Alonso De San Diego

secret to tell. Jason is getting perturbed by Ted, and when Sookie mentions that perhaps the Imp should spend his rainy night elsewhere, he looks at Jason and says "Tricky things can happen in storms". Is this implying that perhaps Ted had something to do with Sookie and Jason's parents death? Jason tries to attack the Imp, but Ted slams him down into the bar. Eric speaks up and says that he will divulge a secret. He flashbacks to the 1500s, where Godric and himself were in Europe. Godric, away on an errand, leaves Eric behind to have sex with a wealthy merchant's daughter named Rachel. With them, was a newly sired vampire named Nikolai. Not having time to react, the doors of the home swing open and masked men force themselves inside. They stake Nikolai instantly. A cloaked man approaches Eric and asks if he is the progeny to Godric. When Eric asks who wants to know, the man reveals himself as Jorge Alonso De San Diego. This is the only information he gives. Eric says he is not afraid to die, in which Jorje replies, "There are so many things worse than death." . . . "To be Continued".


Rated 4 Fangs

Was once again pleased with the art work. Love the storyline concept, because we get to see flashbacks. I am thoroughly enjoying the flashback with Eric.


Story by/Written by

Art by

  • David Messina (Pencil's, Inks and Cover by David Messina as well)

Ink's by

Lettering by

Colors by

Edits by

Flashback Sequence

Variant CoversEdit

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