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True Blood Issue #3
Comic Book Number 3
Publish Date October 2010
Written by Mariah Huehner, David Tischman
Details Full color, Created with 11 different covers.
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Issue #2
Issue #4

Comic Book Series - True Blood 3 refers to the third issue of the first story arc of the comic book series designed to complement, and are based on, the HBO original series True Blood. Published by the accomplished IDW Publishing, True Blood 3 is the third comic book within the True Blood comic book series.

Eric’s memory of the Inquisition causes a violent reaction among the locals trapped inside Merlotte’s. It’s another night of great fun for the vile spirit feeding off their raw emotions. But Sam’s figured out a way to trick the Trickster, and, with Tara’s help, he sets a trap.


In the third installment of the True Blood comic book series, we see Eric continuing his story to the group trapped at Merlottes. Eric tells how Jorge Alonso De San Diego captured both himself and Rachel. He
ComicImageIssue3 1

Jorge stabs Rachel

questioned Rachel about an underground movement called the "inquisition". At first stoic, even as Jorje cut her cheek with a blade, she finally gave in. Rachel told Jorje if they released Eric, she would tell who the leaders of the inquisition were. Eric begs her not to tell, knowing they will kill Rachel regardless. She doesn't listen however, and tells Jorje that Isaiah, Ezekiel, Robert and Abraham were the leaders in question. Jorje is surprised that Rachel named Abraham, after all, it is Rachel's father. Jorje stabs Rachel in the stomach and true to his word, releases Eric from his silver chains. Eric runs to Rachel's side and offers to change her to vampire, yet she refuses. She dies in his arms, and Eric admits to the group that never had a human given their life for him before or since. Some rednecks in Merlottes taunt and tease Eric about his feelings, which cause him to bare his fangs and attack. He doesn't kill them however; only breaks one of their arms. Sam has noticed that the Imp Shaloop has grown fatter with each passing story. Wanting to make a

Sam attacks the Imp Shaloop

move, he has Tara tell a past story so that he can trap the monster. Tara tells of her difficult childhood; her drunk mother and one of her many worthless boyfriends. The drug addicted boyfriend Marvin claims that Tara, only 11 years old, stole his pills. He begins to attack her, and as Tara runs to her mom Lettie Mae for shelter; Lettie Mae turns on Tara and slaps her. The Imp Shaloop speaks highly of Lettie Mae for her awful behavior, even saying he would like to meet her; an idea Tara quickly shoots down. The Imp Shaloop distracted, Sam takes a clear shot at him. He shifts into his Collie form, and attacks from behind- what seems to be a liquor bottle is in the canine's mouth.


Rated 3 & 1/2 Fangs


Story by/Written by

Art by

  • David Messina (Pencil's, Inks and Cover by David Messina as well)

Ink's by

Lettering by

Colors by

Edits by

Flashback Sequence

Variant CoversEdit

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