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True Blood Issue #6
Comic Book Number 6
Written by David Tischman, Mariah Huehner
Details Created with 8 different covers.
Comic Guide
Issue #5
Issue #7 [TL#1]

Comic Book Series - True Blood 6 refers to the sixth issue of the first story arc of the comic book series designed to complement, and are based on, the HBO original series True Blood. Published by the accomplished IDW Publishing, True Blood 6 is the sixth comic book within the True Blood comic book series.

Sookie and Eric, Tara and Sam, Jason and Lafayette they've all spilled their guts, revealing their deepest, darkest secrets feeding the trickster spirit’s need for shame; hoping he’ll release them when they’re finished. Now it’s Bill’s turn, and the 184-year old vampire’s story of personal regret in post-civil war Louisiana is the most shameful of all! But the sun is coming up, and it’s up to Sookie to uncover the spirit’s true intentions. Will she discover the monster’s secret in time?




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Flashback Sequence

Variant CoversEdit

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