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The Compton house is where ex-confederate soldier turned Vampire King of Louisiana, Bill Compton lived on the HBO original series True Blood. A very old and somewhat degradated plantation house in need of repairs, the 1800s-built dwelling has received a complete remodel by the series' fourth season. It was given to Bill's descendant, Renard Parish sheriff Andy Bellefleur, to rent (essentially give) to Bill's newly-wed progeny, Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry, and her husband Hoyt Fortenberry, in the series' finale episode, "Thank You", at the end of the series' seventh, and final, season.

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The house has large double doors which serve as the front door. The house has a large foyer with stairs leading to the second floor. To the left, there is a den area and to the right is the main living room.

Beneath the staircase, there is a door which leads to a trap door. This trap door leads Bill and Jessica to their underground sleeping quarters. The kitchen, first floor bedroom and first floor bathroom have never been shown; however a bedroom and bathroom upstairs has been seen and used.

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Roseneath Plantation Home in Louisiana

Bill Compton’s house is actually an existing plantation. While the sets are in California for the interiors, the exteriors of Bill’s house were originally shot at the Roseneath Plantation in Louisiana. The house was built in 1845 and served as a hospital for injured soldiers during the Civil War. The plantation takes up a large parcel of tree-filled land (much of it dotted with cattle) on both sides of the 4900/5000 section of Highway 5 midway between Gloster & Kingston, Louisiana.

That’s about 20 miles south of Shreveport and about 10 miles north of Mansfield, LA. It is not open to the public.