Comstock Brothel

S05E03 Pam's cuts
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The Comstock Brothel was a brothel, or location in which men can pay for prostitution, or sexual favors, on the HBO original series True Blood. Located in San Francisco, California, in the red-light district of Barbary Coast, the Comstock Brothel was ran by Madam Pamela Swynford de Beaufort (while she was still human) in the year 1905. It is where Pam first meets Eric Northman, and has him turn her into a vampire. It is also the site where Eric is first introduced to Bill Compton (who, at the time, was a naive, teenaged vampire still under the supervision of his maker, Lorena Krasiki).

Notable EmployeesEdit

  • Pamela Swynford de Beaufort - Madam Pam, the owner of the brothel.
  • Dorothy - a young prostitute being eaten by vampires Lorena Krasiki and Bill Compton.
  • Washcloth Helen - a prostitute working for Madam Pam.
  • Rubber Ruby (aka "The Chink") - a flexible Asian prostitute appealing to "more exotic fancies".

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