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Conjuration is the ability to create or magnify material objects already in existence or to teleport an object or person from another place or another plane.


Conjuration (or Projection) is the ability to create or magnify material objects already in existence, or to teleport an object from another place or another time. The ability may be channeled through both the mind and the hands. On the HBO original series True Blood, both faeries and witches have demonstrated these powers.

There are a great deal of things that can be conjured. Magic and nature can be channeled, elements can be summoned, as well as spirits, barriers, objects and more.


Witches: InvocationEdit

Witches can conjure spirits and other things through Spells:

  • Elements of the night, elements of the dead come this way we call upon you we summon ye!" —Holly Cleary
  • "Goddess of memory, goddess of time heal your way worth son of the Underworld Eric Northman, bathe him in Hades, in your pool of remembrance." —Marnie Stonebrook
  • "Evocare de mores e mortuus." —Marnie Stonebrook, calling to the dead in the spirit realm.
  • "Defluo!" —Spell to teleport, along with "Incendia", the spell to conjure fire.
  • "Spirits who watch over us, friends family ancestors guaridans of the gate. With this rite we invoke thee, through the veil of Samhain we call the forth. Spirits who watch over us, help us, protect us, blessed be!"


This power is shown when Sookie cast the Calling Forth the Ghosts of Samhain Spell, demonstrating that ghosts and spirits can be summoned when drawing on the power of Samhain.


Fairies such as Sookie and all Fae in general are able to conjure kinetic energy and light through Photokinesis, by channeling and harnessing the power of nature. They are also able to conjure portals between the realms of Earth and Faerie.



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