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  • Gods/Goddesses
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Primordial Beings


Deities are powerful primordial beings in the universe, having control over cosmic forces and influence over mortal beings. 

There are various kinds of Gods and Goddesses with different origins. They vary in cultures in the way of style, character and ability. Most are perceived as all powerful, and benevolent. 


Deities are the oldest and most powerful forces in existence and might be responsible for the creation of the universe itself. While the origins of divinity remains unknown, it is commonly believed that deities are a primordial race of gods who have existed long before the universe was created and will continue to exist long after the universe is destroyed. While gods are depicted in a variety of forms, they are frequently portrayed as having a humanoid shape. However, some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine a god as having any concrete form. Nevertheless, deities are believed to be immortal, and are thought to have ultimate knowledge, power and understanding over the universe and all things within it. Deities are also believed to have desires, emotions and intelligence that is comparable, but usually superior, to those of humans. 

Known DeitiesEdit

  • Christianity

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