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Dorchester Hotel

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The Dorchester Hotel is a large Victorian-styled hotel located in Shreveport, Louisiana, and found on the HBO original series True Blood. The Dorchester Hotel is the location where Vampire Rights Amendment supporter and American Vampire League spokeswoman Nan Flanagan, and ex-confederate soldier turned vampire king Bill Compton held the "Festival of Tolerance".


The Dorchester Hotel is located in the town of Shreveport, Louisiana, approximately 22 miles north of the small town of Bon Temps.


Season 4Edit

"Let's Get Out of Here"Edit

The Festival of Tolerance, an event celebrating the vampire-human coexistence, was held by Nan Flanagan and Bill Compton on October 29th, 2009, at the Dorchester Hotel. Bill was upset that Nan didn't invite any vampires and warned her about the possibility of the witches creating problems. The event continued and Antonia was able to cast a spell on Blackburn, Kirsch and Duprez with the help of Eric. They killed security, leaving the crowd to run screaming. Martonia then controlled the sheriffs to kill the scared crowd. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

"Burning Down the House"Edit

The vampires continue to attack the crowd. Nan stakes Blackburn with a pencil. Eric begins to attack Bill and right before he kills him Sookie uses her photo-kinetic powers to stop Eric. Her powers make the spell on Eric break, ultimately making him remember everything. ("Burning Down the House")

Notable VisitorsEdit

"Festival of Tolerance" SpeakersEdit

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