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Dr. Overlark was a recurring character on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American actor John Fleck, Dr. Overlark makes his debut on the episode "You're No Good" in the series' sixth season. The head doctor of the vampire death camp, Dr. Overlark is a ruthless adviser to Governor Truman Burrell. Playing a recurring role through the same season, Dr. Overlark met an untimely demise in the Season 6 episode "Life Matters".


Dr. Overlark is a research scientist first and Governor Burrell's research head in charge of experimenting on vampires. Overlark is intelligent and fascinated by his experimentation, most notably while explaining his copulation study to Jason Stackhouse. Overlark is also the head of the team that created the new strain of Hepatitis V that is fatal to vampires. He personally injects Nora Gainsborough, the first host of Hepatitis V. Overlark is also shown to be ruthless as he sees vampires no more than test subjects and does not care about their deaths, especially when he personally injected Nora with Hep-V. 

Eventually, Overlark is mutilated by Eric Northman, who rips Overlark's genitals out of his body, causing the scientist to bleed out in revenge for Nora. Overlark was then finally killed by Bill Compton.


Season 6Edit

"You're No Good"Edit

At Burrell's Camp we see a vampire cuffed with silver and a black bag over his head being pulled from a van by two SWAT team members. They bring him into a room and pull the black bag off to reveal the vampire to be blood-tear soaked, gagged  Steve Newlin. He looks around obviously confused  to see what looks like a human doctor standing in front of him putting on plastic gloves. The human happens to be Dr. Overlark. Steve attempts to talk through the gag to no avail so the Doctor tells one of the guards to ungag him. Steve, obviously unaware of the downfall of the Authority or his own stance with the public, threatens the doctor who scoffs at him.

We see Steve Newlin in the camp and he gets a visit from the last person he ever expected to see, his ex wife Sarah Newlin. At first he thinks she is there to save him but she finds that apparently she didn't fall too far from their old views of mayhem and destruction to all vampires and that she works for the facility as well as dabbling in writing and politics right now in order to push her anti-vampire agenda. Steve pushes back as much as he can verbally by being rude to her and she reveals to him that her plan is to eradicate the vampire race and its perfect that Steve is a vampire now as the head doctor Dr. Overlark returns to the room. Sarah leaves and the doctor asks Steve to tell him everything he knows about Eric Northman with some persuasion. ("You're No Good")

"F**k the Pain Away"Edit

Truman Burrell is met by Sarah Newlin at the vampire camp and is brought into a room with a two way mirror, showing into another round cell. Sarah reveals that her ex-husband, Steve Newlin, has given Dr. Overlark a wealth of information that would prove to be in the Governor's favor. Truman speaks to Eric through an intercom and reveals that he has sent Willa to the camp, much to Eric's disbelief. They then open a door in the chamber, revealing a wooden stake. Eric picks up the stake and tells the Governor he has no problem killing more vampires. The opposing door opens, revealing that the Governor wants Eric to fight Pam. Pam and Eric freeze in a state of shock, initially refusing to fight. ("F**k the Pain Away")

"Don't You Feel Me"Edit

Eric and Pam face each other at Burrell's Camp, with Truman Burrell, Sarah, Steve Newlin, the psychiatrist, and Dr. Overlark watching on the other side of a two-way mirror. At first they are reluctant to fight. Pam asks if it is true that Eric had made a new vampire and he tells her he has. They start to levitate and appear as though they are going to strike each other. They, however, fly past each other and open the vents where armed guards are hiding. They pull them through the slots and kill them. They stake one of the guards through the two way mirror creating a hole. Eric looks through the hole and sees Steve Newlin, learning he is responsible. Guards then come and separate them.


Dr.Overlark watching the vampires drink the contaminated blood

Governor Burrell comes into a holding cell with Eric who is caged and his hands bound. They argue back and forth when Dr. Overlark comes in with a bottle of yellow liquid. Burrell tells Eric that he will pay for taking his daughter away. Since the resident psychiatrist has a crush on Pam they cannot use her. They cart in Nora and Dr. Overlark injects her with a new strain of hepatitis (hepatitis V) which him and his team created that is fatal to vampires. Nora is the first host of the doctors new strain of hepatitis V. They leave Eric alone to watch his sister die. ("Don't You Feel Me")

"Dead Meat"Edit

Dr. Overlark stops a vampire from bullying Steve and trying to steal his Tru Blood. Stating that everyone gets their rations already knowing about the Hep V inside. Newlin graciously thanks him afterwards with Overlark going back to his conversation with his colleagues. ("Dead Meat")

"Life Matters"Edit

When Eric arrives to the camp, he goes to Dr Overlark. Overlark looks shocked that he is there. Eric taunts him and eventually rips off his genitals and throws them to the side of the room. Leaving him to bleed out and die in agonizing pain.

Bill eventually comes across him in pain. He notices he would die anyway he is about to leave when Overlark pleas with him to kill him. Bill asks him whether he tortured Jessica. Overlark painfully tells him he did. With a vicious surge of anger, Bill ferociously and sadistically steps on his face and crushes his skull, mutilating his face in the process. ("Life Matters")


Season six appearances
"Who Are You, Really?" "The Sun" "You're No Good" "At Last"
"F**k the Pain Away" "Don't You Feel Me" "In the Evening" "Dead Meat"
"Life Matters" "Radioactive"

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