Season 2Edit

"Nothing but the Blood"Edit

Eggs Talley
Though not aware of it, Maryann was using Eggs as a way to keep Tara near her (while at the same time channeling the energy they created together). In the Season 2 premiere, Eggs revealed that he'd been smoking pot since he was 10. And when Maryann paid a visit to Sam at Merlotte's, Eggs accompanied her and united with Tara. {[crossref|2x01}}

"Keep This Party Going"Edit

Shortly after Tara moved into Sookie's house, she was given a birthday surprise by Maryann, Eggs, and Karl. And during the party, as Maryann began expanding her power over the Bon Temps citizens, him and Tara had sex. {[crossref|2x02}}


When Tara denied Maryann from staying at Sookie's house, Eggs claimed that Tara had no clue what family was (which she vaguely agreed to). But the two reunited when Tara changed her mind. {[crossref|2x03}}

"Shake and Fingerpop"Edit

Maryann sent Eggs and Tara out to get a new water heater but during their errand, Eggs sensed something familiar about their location. After hours of hiking, they came across a bloody site. This site, according to his blacked out memory, was where Miss Jeanette was scratched and killed. ("Shake and Fingerpop")

"Never Let Me Go"Edit

When they returned to the Stackhouse residence, they saw the house in disarray. Eggs and Tara followed the trail of clothes and found an orgy hosted by Maryann. The Maenad shortly took over the couple. ("Never Let Me Go")

"Hard-Hearted Hannah"Edit

The next morning, they woke up with no recollection of the night before. When they go to Merlotte's, Lafayette warns Tara about her boyfriend and that their relationship is 'Satan in a Sunday hat' (something that appeared to be true). Sam appears nervous around Eggs because he was helping Maryann in her goal to cut out his heart. ("Hard-Hearted Hannah")

"Release Me"Edit

That night, Maryann possessed Eggs and used him to cut out Daphne Landry's heart. Scared and disoriented, Eggs abruptly comes into Merlotte's and Tara immediately takes him home. ("Release Me")


Maryann prepares a Hunter Souflee for Tara and Eggs, which they eat whole heartedly and fall under Maryann's influence. ("Timebomb")

"I Will Rise Up"Edit

The next day, they notice that they have multiple bruises (ones that they inflicted on each other while Maryann was controlling them) and when they go to Merlotte's, Lafayette believes that it was Eggs who beat her and threatens Eggs. Tara breaks up the fight between her cousin and boyfriend and Tara and Eggs leave. ("I Will Rise Up")

"New World in My View"Edit

During a game of poker, Lafayette and Lettie Mae kidnap Tara and take her to his home. Eggs wants to go after them but Maryann assures him that she'll come back (which turns out to be true). ("New World in My View")


Tara goes to Sookie's house and tries to get him out of the house but with no avail. Maryann then approaches them and her influence grasps Tara once again. When Sookie goes up to Gran's room, Tara and Eggs are decorating a nest with an ostrich egg in the center. In the season finale, Eggs stabs Sam in the chest but the distraction caused by Sookie saves his life. Once Maryann is killed, Eggs freaks out over his bloody hands and seems to have completely lost it. ("Frenzy")

"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"Edit

At his tearful request, Sookie opened up Eggs' mind and revealed the damage he did while under the control of Maryann. Racked with guilt from what Maryann forced him to do, Eggs decided to turn himself in to Andy Bellefleur. Andy showed Eggs sympathy for his crimes on the grounds that he was under Maryann's control. Eggs pulled out the bloody knife he used in an attempt to force Andy to arrest him for all the people he had killed, which startled Andy and made him back away in fear. Eggs met his demise at the hands of Jason Stackhouse when Jason misunderstands the scene and shoots Eggs to "save" Andy. Upon realizing the truth, Andy told Jason to run off and pretend it never happened taking the blame for Eggs' death. ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'")

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