"Please don’t do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human."
―Eric Northman[src]

Season 3Edit

"Beautifully Broken"Edit

Eric's feelings and attraction to Sookie become more apparent, as he begins to have daydreams of her. ("Beautifully Broken")

"It Hurts Me Too"Edit

He arranges for Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf whose father has a debt to Eric, to help Sookie while she is in Jackson, Mississippi. ("It Hurts Me Too")

"9 Crimes"Edit

The Magister with Sophie

Eric being visited at Fangtasia by the Magister and Queen Sophie Anne.

Eric continues to sell V for Queen Sophie-Anne. He receives a visit from her and The Magister. They inform Eric that they suspect a vampire in her majesty's kingdom is selling V to humans. Days later the Magister's men ransack Fangtasia and find the V hidden on the premises. They take Pam into custody. When Eric arrives, Pam accuses Bill of selling the V. The Magister gives Eric two days to bring Bill to him.

Eric has a dream that Sookie wants to have sex with him, she comments how he smells like the ocean in winter.("9 Crimes")


Eric yvetta

Eric and Pam have auditions for a human performer in Fangtasia. After many ridiculous try-outs, Yvetta walks in. She is immediately hired because of her sex appeal.

It is revealed that Eric is aware werewolves have kidnapped Bill. His prejudice toward a specific group of Werewolves stems from his family being murdered by a group of them. They were at the time commanded by a cloaked figure, which Eric discovers is Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi. Eric goes to Jackson and makes a deal with Russell Edgington. In exchange for rescuing Pam, Eric promises to help Russell take over Sophie-Anne's kingdom. ("Trouble") ("Trouble")

"I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"Edit

Eric accompanies Russell when the King visits Queen Sophie-Anne's mansion. He physically coerces the queen to agree to Russell's marriage proposal, and locks her in a cage. The next night Eric brings Hadley in front of Sophie-Anne and threatens to drain Hadley, unless she tells him why she is interested in Sookie Stackhouse. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")

"Hitting the Ground"Edit

The queen denies knowing anything about Sookie. Eric proceeds to violently feed on Hadley until Hadley gives in and tells him what he wants to know. Hours later Eric returns to Fangtasia with Russell and Sophie-Anne. He reveals to the Magister that he sold V on the behest of the queen. After Pam is set free, they watch as Russell tortures the Magister into performing a marriage ceremony. Russell then beheads him. ("Hitting the Ground")

"Night on the Sun"Edit

Eric goes back to Jackson, Mississippi with Russell and Sophie-Anne. Eric is present for the conversation that Russell has with Debbie Pelt about hunting down Sookie Stackhouse. As Debbie leaves the room, Eric warns Russell about killing off Sookie. He states that "bringing Sookie into this may not be the best idea".

Eric sookie

Sookie interrogating Eric about Bill's whereabouts.

Eric continues by saying Sookie is like any other human, ruled by petty emotions. Therefore she is untrustworthy. Russell questions Eric's allegiance. Eric tells Russell that he has been searching for him, a true leader, for a thousand years. He thought Godric was such a leader, but he became weak by his humanity and it ultimately killed him. Eric says that he supports Russell's decision to kill the Magister and that he believes Russell is just the vampire who should stand up to the Authority. To show his submission to Russell, Eric kisses Russell's ring. This turns out to be a charade as Eric's sole purpose is to retrieve his father's Viking crown, and get revenge for the death of his family.

During the day, Eric grabs Hadley in the hallway of Russell's mansion, and tells her to give Sookie a message. Later that night Talbot and Russell argue, while Eric is present. Talbot throws a tantrum and begins to break things that Russell has collected over the centuries. When Talbot grabs the crown that belonged to Eric's father, Eric stops him. Eric offers to keep Talbot company while Russell goes to Bon Temps to fetch Sookie. Russell and Talbot agree to this.

Eric stakes Talbot S3

Eric just after he staked Talbot.

While Russell is gone, Talbot and Eric play chess. When Talbot loses, he shoves the chess pieces off the board and demands that Eric remove his clothes because he is bored. Eric admits that it has been a long time since he had done this. Talbot assumes he means sex with a male, but Eric responds with "No, a vampire." They begin to kiss. As Eric positions himself behind Talbot, he tells him that Russell took his family and now he would take Russell's. Talbot, realizing what's happening, gets staked by Eric. ("Night on the Sun")

"Everything Is Broken"Edit

The same night, Eric returns to Fangtasia telling Pam that he killed Talbot and that they need sanctuary. Moments later, Nan Flanagan arrives to discuss the disappearance of the Magister. Eric gives a statement about Russell's plans and how he killed Magnus. He also tells Nan and the Authority about his family's death and his wish to get his revenge. Nan informs him that he and Pam cannot leave Fangtasia until the Authority decides what to do with him and the information he provided.

Season3Ep9Eric speaks to Nan

Eric interviewed by Nan at Fangtasia.

Eric does not rest during the day and when Pam wakes up, he assures her that he will take all the blame. He adds, that in case he dies, Pam must become a maker. Nan informs him that the Authority has denied all knowledge about his statement and the ruling itself. She then states that he can take his revenge on Russell although without any support from them. Sookie shows up at Fangtasia to speak with Eric, who is more concerned with giving Sookie a goodbye kiss should he not survive his impending face off with the king. Pam interrupts the farewell, pulling Eric aside, begging him to figure out a way to use Sookie to deal with Russell. ("Everything Is Broken")

"I Smell a Rat"Edit

Being a Fae, Sookie's blood is rare and valuable to vampires but being a hybrid her blood only works as "supernatural sunscreen" to vampires for a few minutes at most. Eric brings Russell to Sookie's car, stopping it instantly. They bring Sookie and Bill back to Fangtasia where they both feed from her. With Sookie's blood enabling them to walk in the sun Eric proceeds to exit Fangtasia. With Russell watching on the security monitors and realizing that Eric can freely walk in the sun, he joins him outside. ("I Smell a Rat")

"Fresh Blood"Edit


As Russell joins Eric, he uses silver handcuffs to cuff himself to the king, preparing to meet the sun with the vampire who killed his human family over a 1,000 years ago. As he's laying on the ground waiting to die, his maker Godric appears to him and tells him that with death comes peace, even for his worst enemy. Eric, enraged, screams at the apparent apparition at the thought of Russell finding peace. Sookie wakes after drinking from Bill and realizes what Eric has chosen to do. She immediately runs out to save him.

FinaleGIF2 Season3 Eric Sook

Eric on Sookie's porch shortly after telling her about Bill. (click for animation)

Sookie drags Eric back into Fangtasia after using her fae powers to break the handcuffs, separating Eric and Russell. Eric is too weak to drop fang. Sookie has Bill bite her wrist so she can feed Eric so he could heal. Once he has regained his strength Eric says he has to get Russell. Pam, Sookie and Bill all think this is a terrible idea. Eric insists because of what the vision of Godric had said to him about Russell possibly finding peace in death. Sookie reluctantly decides to go out into the sunlight to bring Russell inside. Eric, Pam and Bill slumber during the daylight hours, as Sookie guards a silver-bound Russell. ("Fresh Blood")

"Evil is Going On"Edit

After Sookie leaves Fangtasia, Eric and Bill bring Russell to a construction site owned by Alcide's family. There they entomb him with concrete. Eric has determined that Russell would not find peace with true death. Since Eric has spent a 1000 years in misery, Russell would get a 100 years with no escape from the grief of losing his progeny. After Russell is mostly covered, Eric is cuffed by silver and thrown into a nearby pit by Bill. He as well is covered in concrete. Bill orders for Eric's progeny Pam to be killed but did not think she would actually defeat her attacker. Once Pam killed her attacker she is summoned by her maker Eric to dig him out. Eric shows up on Sookie's porch. He is covered with cement after being freed. He finally reveals the truth about Bill, informing Sookie that he only came to Bon Temps to investigate her. All of this was on behalf of Queen Sophie-Anne, solely based on what she might be. He also informs Sookie that Bill let The Rattrays attack her to the point of near death - knowing she would have to drink his blood to survive. This way he was able to track her from day one. ("Evil is Going On")

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