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"If I want Sookie, I can simply take her."
Season2 vamps

Lafayette, Royce, and others who have offended vampires are chained up in the dungeon of Fangtasia by Eric and Pam. Eric kills Royce when he tries to escape but spares Lafayette. When Sookie discovers Eric has been keeping Lafayette prisoner, she demands his release. Eric agrees to do so as long as Sookie returns the favor. A 2,000 year old vampire from Dallas has gone missing and he needs her telepathic skills to find him. Eric eventually admits that the missing vampire, named Godric, was his "maker". ("Never Let Me Go")


"This is a disaster" Eric changes his appearance for Season 2. (click for animation)

During an encounter with a human suicide bomber strapped with silver, Eric places himself in front of Sookie to shield her from the blast. He uses this opportunity by tricking Sookie into sucking silver bullets out of his body. In the process she ingests some of his blood. This binds Sookie to Eric the same way she was to Bill. Bill explains that Eric can now sense and find her. ("Timebomb")

Sam seeks Eric's help to find out more about Maenads and how to kill it. Eric confessed he knows nothing of Maenads, but he knew someone who probably did. Before exiting Fangtasia, Eric showed his fangs to Arlene's children which entertained them greatly. While leaving, Eric displayed his ability of flight to Coby and Lisa. He traveled to the mansion of Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Queen of Louisiana.

Eric confronted Bill upon arrival. Bill admitted knowing that Eric forced Lafayette to sell Vampire blood at his request. Sophie-Ann asked Eric how Bill knew he had humans selling V. Eric stated that Bill did not know that it was at her command. At this Sophie-Ann pushed Eric onto his back and told him that Bill better not find out or she would have Eric's fangs for earrings.

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