Eric and Nora

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Relationship Information
Vampire Brother and Sister, Made Love, Friends, Protective of Each Other, Cared About One Another (Before Nora's Death)
First Met
Before the beginning of the series
Broke Up
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Eric and Nora, better known as Noric, is the term referring to the main relationship cultivated on the HBO original series True Blood.



In 1665 Eric Northman was in London, doing a favor to king Charles II. He wanted a certain woman at his bed, but she was too stubborn to be with him as he wanted. She was instead helping people infected with the black plague. So then the King asks Eric to take her out of the situation and return her to him. Eric leaves for the quarantined part of the city where Nora was helping the ill. He finds out its too late. Nora had gotten the black death and was dying. Eric goes to see her and tells her that the king has sent him to retrieve her. Nora refuses stating her death would be her own. Impressed, Eric sees she is courageous, not stubborn as the king had said. He promises her that she will live forever and takes Nora to Godric to turn her.

Season 5 Edit

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"Edit

When capture Bill and Eric by the   Vampire Authority,   using silver nets. Hayes places them in the trunk of a  car.  Eric and Bill – still trapped inside the car trunk – work together to get an umbrella and puncture a hole in the gas tank with its metal tip. The car then explodes after they create a spark of fire. Before Hayes can kill Eric or Bill, Nora stakes Hayes first. Eric approaches her instantly and kisses her passionately. He tells Bill that Nora is his sister, as both of them were turned by Godric. Nora later explains another car was waiting to ambush theirs and save Bill and Eric. However the explosion (or stunt) they pulled, changed plans.  They apologize, and Nora says not to be it, because the event was bad ass.

When they go to ground for the night, Nora makes her own phone call to Roman, lying that Eric and Bill have been taken care of."She tells them the life they knew is over now and that if they return, it would be the end of her. Eric and Nora have sex in a shipping container on the dock. They are loud, causing Bill outside to tell them they should be more quiet. New Orleans is only 60 miles away. Finishing, Eric's cell goes off. At first Nora is upset that Eric could have a traceable phone, but he quickly tells her it isn't. He reminds Bill that, "We fight like siblings...but fuck like champions.They get new identities from a vampire named Cat Ingerslev. While Nora embraces Eric, the vampires around them are shot and killed by The Authority. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

"Authority Always Wins"Edit

Eric Bill and Nora are arrested and taken to the Authority. Eric asks Bill what they should do now that they are locked away. They then hear from Nigel Beckford, an insane, baby-eating vampire who is also locked inside the cells. Bill says that Nora and Eric are both innocent. With the Authority believing Bill is lying, they use a UV light machine to burn all of them. They all keel over in agony until the light is shut off.

Salome tells Eric that Nora's betrayal was unforgivable and that she has met the true death. Eric shows the hurt on his face, but d oesn't say a word.Nora is brought before her fellow chancellors and is accused of treason. Eric and Bill are lead into a room with the Authority. and Eric can see his sister is still alive  Roman enters from a side door. Roman turns to Bill and Eric, stating he hates to meet under these circumstances, and that he has taken Nora away  Nora is pulled out of the room, and Eric shows he wants to help her, yet he is bound and cannot. She yells out "I am innocent", before disappearing. ("Authority Always Wins")

Season 6Edit

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