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"Escape from Dragon House"
Season 1, Episode 04
Air date 28 Sep 2008
Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Michael Lehmann
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"Sparks Fly Out"

"Escape from Dragon House" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of True Blood, and the fourth episode overall.


When another Bon Temps resident is found murdered under suspicious circumstances, Jason is once again taken into custody & it is up to Sookie to uncover the identity of the real killer and clear her brother's name. Bill takes Sookie to the vampire bar Fangtasia, where she is introduced to Eric, a thousand-year-old Viking vampire and Bill's superior.


"That's Eric. He's the oldest thing in this bar."-Bill Compton


Sookie discovers Dawn's body

As Sookie screams for help, Jason shows up with a bouquet of flowers for Dawn. Dawn’s neighbor answers Sookie’s calls and, upon seeing Dawn’s body, immediately accuses Jason of killing her and storms off. A little later a large crowd of police and onlookers has gathered. These include Merlotte's waitress Arlene Fowler, her boyfriend René Lenier and Hoyt Fortenberry, both of whom work on Jason’s road crew. Sam, who owns the block of houses where Dawn lives, shows up. He attempts to comfort Sookie just as coroner Mike Spencer and his assistant Neil Jones bring Dawn’s body out.


Jason suffering after taking too much V

Andy Bellefleur takes Jason in for questioning once more. Jason, remembering that he has illegal vampire blood on him given by Lafayette, swallows the whole vial in his agony. Halfway through his questioning, the overdose of V gives Jason a severe case of priapism. He is rescued from the cops by Tara. After she takes him home, Jason tries to rid himself of his erection, but nothing seems to work. Adele asks Sookie to read the townspeople’s thoughts in order to find any evidence that will clear her brother’s name.

Desperate for relief, Jason goes to Merlotte’s to see Lafayette who cannot help him and instead throws him out telling him not to drink more than two drops at once. After deducing Jason’s use of V, Tara insists on taking him to the hospital.


Sookie's first time at Fangtasia

In order to help with Sookie’s investigation, Bill agrees to take her to a vampire bar in Shreveport named Fangtasia. Sam warns Sookie of the dangers of hanging around such places, but she ignores him and goes anyway. When they arrive at Fangtasia, Bill and Sookie are admitted by an old vampire acquaintance of Bill’s, Pam. Sookie describes the bar as what a vampire bar would be like if it were in Disneyland.


Tara stays by Jason's side in the hospital

At the hospital, Jason lies to the doctor about not taking any drugs. Not wanting to risk a drug reaction, the doctor uses a large syringe to drain the blood out of Jason’s penis without anesthesia. On the ride home Jason sleeps while Tara reminisces about their childhood together, when Jason would protect her from her mother’s drunken violence. It clearly seems that Tara is in love with Jason. At Fangtasia, Bill and Sookie are summoned by Eric Northman, a thousand-year-old Viking vampire and owner of the bar.

Sookie shows him pictures of Maudette and Dawn. Eric reveals that he slept with Dawn, but rejected Maudette. Sookie senses that a human is being fed on in the bathroom just before a police raid on Fangtasia. She, Bill, Pam and Eric manage to escape just in time. On their way back to Bon Temps, Bill is pulled over by a police officer and the situation gets out of hand when Bill glamours the officer. Sookie is afraid Bill is going to kill him, but instead he simply drives off after warning the officer to be careful the next time he pulls someone over on suspicion of being a vampire.

The episode ends with Sam letting himself into Dawn’s old house and sniffing her pillow and sheets.




  • A man calls a female vampire "Morticia", probably referring to "The Addam's Family" (1964).
  • In "Escape from Dragon House" episode Jason is wearing a shirt that says "Big Jimmy's"

Bloopers and continuity errorsEdit

Featured musicEdit

  • "Brand New Cadillac" - Wayne Hancock
  • "Not This Time" - Johnny Neel
  • "Jack Me Up" - Jeff Laine
  • "Ho'i Mai, Ku'u Ipo" - Kalani Kinimaka & His Kanakas
  • "Don't Fear the Reaper" - Heaven 17
  • "Demon(s)" - Darkest Hour
  • "Escape from Dragon House" - Dengue Fever
  • "That Smell" - Lynyrd Skynyrd


The title and the song of the episode is an allusion to the final escape from Fangtasia Club when the police arrives.

Memorable QuotesEdit


  • "I'm too pretty to go to prison."
  • "I've got gout... of the dick!"


  • "Don't say UH-OH! Vampires do NOT say UH-OH!"
  • "FANGtasia?"
  • "Bill, this is not a date. Ok. I'm for real. It is NOT a date."


  • "Lift the ribeye. Let me see what we're dealing with."


  • "Vampires are always in some kind of trouble. I prefer to be in it with you."

ER Doctor to JasonEdit

  • "It's huge and purple. It kind of looks like an eggplant."

Memorable DialogueEdit

Sookie: Who's that?
Bill: Oh, you noticed him did you?
Sookie: No, it's not like that. I just...
Bill: Everyone does. That's Eric. He's the oldest thing in this bar.

Eric: So, Bill. Are you quite attached to your friend?
Bill: She is mine!
Sookie: Yes. I am his.
Eric: Well, what a pity... for me.

Sookie: So, how do I look?
Bill: You look like vampire bait.
Sookie: So, you're saying I look nice?

Doctor: We need to aspirate. I need to drain the blood out of your penis.
Tara: Okay, I'll leave you to it!
Jason: [grabbing Tara's arm] Where're you goin'?
Tara: Look, I would admit to sometimes having a sick curiosity about medical shit, but I ain't that fucking curious!



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