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Fellowship of the Sun: Reflections of Light were a series of four video blog entries created to complement the HBO original series True Blood.


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The four videos, created between June and July of 2009, were featured on the official website of the Fellowship of the Sun church, Each video entry was featured alongside a text-based entry which described the reason for the video.

Website DescriptionEdit

"Above all, there is one purpose to my life, and that is to honor God by protecting and uplifting my brothers and sisters in Christ - regardless of the sacrifice."
―Steve Newlin

Reflections of Light was a series of blog posts written by televangelist Steve Newlin to discuss thoughts on matters of the heart.

News articles posted in this section are listed below, and are listed in descending chronological order.


DVD ReleaseEdit

The videos were released in their entirety as a bonus feature on the True Blood The Complete Third Season DVD box set.

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