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[[:Category:{{{Images}}}|Images]] was one of seventeen official companion websites that were created to complement the content found on the HBO original series True Blood.


The site was the online counterpart to the Fellowship of the Sun, a church of loyal followers devoted to the extinction of the Vampire, their basis being that vampires are evil beings that go against the work of God.

Version 1: 2008 - 2009Edit

The first version of the site was stylish, yet simplistic in terms of visual design. The site was built by the late Rev. Theodore Newlin and was the online companion to the church after which the site is named.

M-fellowshipofthesun org-001

The site's mission statement is instantly made clear as it is illustrated through the site's topmost image: Say NO to the Vampire Rights Amendment!

  • This version features news articles from 2008, listed in descending chronological order with title links appearing at the top of the page, and articles themselves on the bottom of the page.
Steve's Book Cover

Directly below the Fellowship of the Sun logo rests an image boasting that televangelist Steve Newlin was releasing an upcoming book.

While the image never changes or linked to anything, the book did indeed eventually get released. It debuted under the title "Steve Newlin's Field Guide to Vampires (And Other Creatures of Satan)" and instantly became a bestseller.

  • The site's lefthand sidebar possessed three link buttons. "About Us" led the user to a page detailing the purpose of the Fellowship of the Sun. "Organized" describes contacting your congressman or senator, and linked to nine separate bumper stickers that could be printed and proudly displayed. "Vampire FAQ" led the user to a page designed to help you better understand the vampire.

Version 1: About UsEdit

Fots-mainimage about

The Fellowship of the Sun (FoS) is a grass-roots organization pledged to protect humanity from the vampire scourge. These Creatures of Darkness (CoDs) threaten not only our very existence with their perverted craving for human blood, but they also undermine our way of life, sullying our communities with their routine acts of hedonism and cruelty.

Version 1: OrganizeEdit

Fots-mainimage organize
  • The fastest way to fight back against these Creatures of Darkness (CoDs) is to declare war on the Vampire Rights Amendment. Write your senators and congressmen!
  • Show your neighbors what a responsible citizen looks like with these printable, FoS-approved bumper stickers:

- Vampires Suck - File:Fots-vampiressuck.pdf
- I like my stakes served bloody
- We're Only Human
- Vampires? No Fangs - File:Fots-nofangs.pdf
- Mortal On Board - File:Fots-mortalonboard.pdf

- VRA = Human Buffet - File:Fots-humanbuffet.pdf
- Friends don't let friends befriend vampires - File:Fots-friendsdontlet.pdf
- Caution: I don't brake for vampires
- Ask me about FOS - File:Fots-askmeabout.pdf

Version 1: Vampire FAQEdit

Fots-mainimage faq

Myth: Vampires will feed exclusively on Tru Blood.

Fact: No one can guarantee that Creatures of Darkness (CoDs) will choose to consume only Tru Blood. It may be possible - though of course no long-term study can confirm this - but in any case the choice lies firmly in the hands of each individual monster. The question, however, is not whether it CAN be done, but WILL it be done? And the answer is,"Absolutely not." Vampires are predators by nature; only a fool would expect them to subsist entirely on a synthetic diet by choice alone. Even among the morally superior human species, malnutrition and obesity run rampant - who's to say that CoDs would do any better a job at choosing a responsible diet? And what if the supply of synthetic blood is interrupted?

Myth: Human and vampire societies will integrate peacefully.

Fact: No one knows how organized and entrenched the CoDs' power structure is. However, odds are very slim that a large number of immortal beings have existed over centuries without forming influential alliances. The vampires have cast themselves as helpless victims of prejudice and misinformation, but as a group, they're sure to have their own political and economic interests. In the event their agenda conflicts with mortal civilization, the human race could find itself at war with an eternal enemy that's impervious to all the weapons and tactics of modern combat.

Myth: Vampires want to "mainstream."

Fact: An ongoing rise in Tru Blood sales proves that vampires are continuing to "come out of the coffin" as they put it. By corollary, that means that at least some - and maybe even most - CoDs continue to feed on human blood and could have absolutely no interest in assimilating into human society.

Myth: Vampires will remain a minority among a human majority.

Fact: Not even the "experts" behind the Vampire Rights Amendment have any idea how many vampires live among us. Even worse, the invention of Tru Blood has eliminated any natural checks and balances in these creatures' grisly "food chain." In the past, at least we could have counted on the vampire population's size capping out based on the limited amount of life they could steal from humans. With the arrival of a synthetic alternative, CoDs could actually OUTNUMBER humans in the future.

Myth: Humans can protect themselves from vampires with the right tools.

Fact: Vampires' allergy to silver and vulnerability to stakes may create the appearance of a weakness, but in reality the CoD's inhuman strength and agility make it nearly impossible for a mortal to deploy these weapons effectively. During the daylight hours, the field is somewhat leveled, but the truth of the situation is that as long as vampires exist, no human is safe after sundown.

Myth: Humans have no need to fear being turned into vampires.

Fact: Members of the scientific community posit that vampirism is a biological condition, possibly a virus that could mutate and spread through a variety of means - including the air! Beyond that nightmare scenario, vampires don't seem to have much interest in creating new vampires AT THE MOMENT - a process which FoS intelligence gatherers describe as "terrifyingly simple." But as CoDs gain wider acceptance, the political value of a larger population will likely tempt them to expand their ranks. Disgustingly enough, some human blood-traitors are already BEGGING to have their existence perverted by a vampire, and as the American Vampire League's public spin campaign gains momentum, we can only expect more of this depraved behavior.

Version 2: 2010 - 2014Edit

Fots-fos banner top new

The second version of the site took a modernized approach to displaying the content. Replacing the work created by his father, Theodore Newlin, televangelist Steve Newlin and his wife, Sarah rebuilt the church's website completely, rebranding it saying "We are the light". The imagery was completely redone, using softer, lighter, airier colors, more reminiscent of a church-based atmosphere. It was remade just before the start of the series' third season.

M-fellowshipofthesun org-002
Fots-amanda jayne right
  • This version features news articles from 2009, eliminating all of the articles posted in 2008.
  • The "Sign in to your Member Account" link led to the Light of Day Institute's Soldiers of the Sun page, logged into the account a man named "TheLukenatorTX". All articles pertinent to the Soldiers reside on this page. You could not create an account and must always use "TheLukenatorTX"'s account.
  • There are now five links at the top of the page. "Home" brings you back to this page. "About the Newlins" is a simple biography on Steve Newlin that elaborates slightly on the premise of the church, as well. "Reflections of Light" are blog entries written by Steve Newlin on matters of a family oriented nature. "The Light of Day Institute" explains the purpose of the church's summer camp oriented facility The Light of Day Institute. "News" contained a collection of News Articles.
  • An ad on the right leads to a video of singer Amanda Jayne, who is "Live at the LODI". Beneath this is a link to a video of Amanda Jayne and the God Rockets performance of Jesus Asked Me Out Today.
True Blood s02e02 - Jesus Asked Me Out Today (Molly Burnett)02:04

True Blood s02e02 - Jesus Asked Me Out Today (Molly Burnett)

  • Beneath this is a link to a page on the official HBO online store where "Light of Day Institute" t-shirts could be purchased.
  • A news article with main page coverage displays missing persons, all victim to vampire attacks.
  • Links at the bottom of the page let you download the official Fellowship of the Sun Downloadables .zip file (which contain bookmarks, fliers and t-shirt iron-ons), took you to the the site's official Facebook page, and allowed you to sign up for the official HBO True Blood newsletter.

This version was replaced in 2011 by Version 3. Version 2 still remained, however it was moved to the page "home.html" rather than "index.html" thus making it inaccessible unless you arrive onto the site via another page within the site.

Version 2: About the NewlinsEdit

Fots-img steve left
Fots-img steve sarah

The Rev. Steve Newlin began his ministry as a student, serving with great compassion as a volunteer chaplain at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Opelousas, Louisiana. During his time there, Steve met a bright young hospice worker named Sarah, and the pair's highly emotional work brought them together — for life. After taking their holy marriage vows, husband and wife served in varied capacities under the guidance of Steve's father, The Rev. Theodore Newlin, whose life was cut tragically short in an apparent vampire attack just this year.

Though devastated by his father's untimely passing, Steve understood the only way to honor Theodore's memory would be to further the cause that his father lived -- and ultimately died -- for: protecting humanity from the iniquity of vampires. The Fellowship of the Sun has grown miraculously thanks to Steve's cultivation, building a partnership in Christ that has uplifted thousands of followers. With Sarah's help, he's introduced ministries to defend not only our rights to freedom of speech and religion, but also to fight off the vampires' assault on core values like the institution of marriage and the sanctity of family. Thanks to the Newlins, humanity continues to walk toward the light.

Version 2: Reflections of LightEdit

Fots-pic steve rightcol
Fots-main reflections
"Above all, there is one purpose to my life, and that is to honor God by protecting and uplifting my brothers and sisters in Christ - regardless of the sacrifice."
―Steve Newlin

Reflections of Light was a series of blog posts written by televangelist Steve Newlin to discuss thoughts on matters of the heart.

News articles posted in this section are listed below, and are listed in descending chronological order.


Version 2: The Light of Day InstituteEdit

Fots-fos kit LONG ad
Fots-main lod bus
"Thanks to the Light of Day Institute, I feel like I'm seeing the world we live in for the first time. Someday humanity will thank this chuch for saving our way of life."
―Jeremy Pritz- LODI Student
Fots-img lod horizontal

Summer Registration Starts Soon

If you envision a future for yourself that includes your own ministry, mission work, or community outreach, there's no better place to start on that path than the Light of Day Institute.

Fots-camp pics 01

This intensive 3-week program will prepare you to for a lifetime of dedicated service to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Just as a shepherd learns to guard his flock from marauding wolves, every LODI participant receives the teaching necessary to defend his people from the many menaces posed by vampires. Our graduates depart with key leadership skills such as: Moral Teaching By Example, Raising the Human Family, Celebrating the Purity of Our Bodies, and more...Enroll today with just a one-time $1,200 fee, and get ready for God to make His holy mark on your life.

Program Details

Your $1,200 covers:

  • Sleeping quarters in single-sex bunk houses
  • All transportation costs
  • Three home-cooked meals per day
  • Equipment for all activities and excursions
  • Your own LODI hooded sweatshirt
  • A newly invigorated relationship with the Lord!


When reporting to camp, don't forget to bring:

  • Bible (New Living Translation)
  • Sunscreen
  • Everyday/active clothes
  • Swimsuit (modest one piece)
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Pen and Tablet

Because this page contains a link to the downloadable file that can be accessed via a banner on the righthand side of the page, the download link at the bottom was changed to link to the "Reflections of Light" page. The caption reads "Messages from Steve & Sarah".

Above the righthand banner is a box with the header: FOS Registered Member Login. Below this lies a text field for a username (labeled "User") to be entered, and below this a space for the user's "Password". The User: field is permanently filled in with the name "TheLukenatorTX" and the password (written as 9 asterisks and only readable through the page source) is "diefanger". Clicking the "Sign In" button is similar to clicking the "Sign in to your Member Account" button on the site's homepage. Both led to the "Soldiers of the Sun" page full of blog entries written by user "The LukenatorTX".

Version 2: Soldiers of the SunEdit

Fots-sos banner top

Welcome, Soldier
You are logged in as TheLukenatorTX

Blog posts are listed below in descending chronological order.



Version 3: 2011 - 2014Edit

M-fellowshipofthesun org-003

The third version of the site took on the guise of a cover page. While the second version of the site remained, it was moved to home.html, making it inaccessible.

The main page was remade just before the start of the series' fourth, season, and was created to ask for help in locating the whereabouts of the then missing televangelist, Steve Newlin.

  • All existing content from the previous version is available in this version, but pages can no longer be accessed via the main page.

Missing Date: January 15
Age Now: 31
Height: 5'10"
Missing City: DALLAS
Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg)
Missing State: TX
Hair Color: Brown
Missing Country: United States
Eye Color: Blue

The Rev. Steve Newlin went missing under suspicious circumstances after attending a pray-in on January 15. His car was found abandoned on route 43, with his wallet and keys left inside. He was last seen wearing a white button-down shirt with light blue Levi's jeans. Any and all information on his whereabouts is greatly appreciated and can be contributed below anonymously. The world needs his holy light now more than ever! Please HELP! Posted sightings. Have you seen him?


DATE: 1/17
DATE: 1/17
>> First!
Really idiot? This is a serious matter! Our thoughts and prayers are wigh the Rev in this time of need!
DATE: 1/27
I thought I saw Rev. Newlin at a barbecue up here in Armstrong County. He looked like he had his head shaved and was wearing army fatigues, but I swear it was him. Disappeared before I had a chance to talk to him.
DATE: 2/20
I served a slice of pie to a guy at the diner I work at. Few days later I saw Rev Newlin on TV and thought it mighta been him. Anybody knows if the Rev likes strawberry pie? I think he was wearing hunting clothes … but I guess that's all anybody wears up here half the time.
DATE: 4/23
Who the hell cares if they ever find this vampire-hating bigot??
DATE: 5/3
>> Who the hell cares if they ever find this vampire-hating bigot?
We'll see what your saying after Russell Edgington comes and eats your family for BREAKFAST. Whiny vampire-lovers like you are the ones that got us into this whole mess in the first place.

News ArchivesEdit

The articles below were featured on the website.

The articles were listed in descending chronological order, and were never sortable.

Articles are listed below. Select a year, and then a month, to access articles that appeared during those date parameters.



Facebook PresenceEdit

The site links to it's Facebook page. The Fellowship of the Sun Facebook page was created on January 21, 2009. It consists of two additional photos and six posts, which are listed below in descending chronological order.

General InformationEdit

We are the Light!

The Fellowship of the Sun (FoS) is a grass-roots organization pledged to protect humanity from the vampire scourge. These Creatures of Darkness (CoDs) threaten not only our very existence with their perverted craving for human blood, but they also undermine our way of life, sullying our communities with their routine acts of hedonism and cruelty.

While certain "free thinkers" battle for the "rights" of these monsters to infiltrate and degrade the human species, the FoS is committed to bringing truth to the public. Every vampire is a proven mass murderer and has no place on our streets or in our society. Wake up to the reality of the CoD agenda: They're not a soul-challenged "new minority." They're an ancient menace.


Fellowship of the Sun (FoS) shared a link.
June 9, 2009

Fellowship of the Sun
The official site of the Fellowship of the Sun from HBO's True Blood series, featuring information about supporting FoS and the segregation of vampires.

Fellowship of the Sun (FoS)
June 5, 2009
We are the Light!

Fellowship of the Sun (FoS)
May 19, 2009


Fellowship of the Sun (FoS)
May 19, 2009


Fellowship of the Sun (FoS)
May 14, 2009
say NO to the Vampire Rights Amendment!


The site offered a 1.61Mb download titled "".

The contents of the file, when extracted, contain as follows:
banner/ icons/ banner/ icons/
→._160x160.jpg →._fos_icon.gif →._.DS_Store (7Kb) →160x160.jpg →fos_icon.gif →.DS_Store (7Kb)
→._200x200.jpg →._LOD_icon.gif →._fos_flyers.pdf (817Kb) →200x200.jpg →LOD_icon.gif →fos_flyers.pdf (817Kb)
→._468x60.jpg →FOS_Tshirts.pdf (686Kb) →468x60.jpg →FOS_Tshirts.pdf (686Kb)
→._fos_01_300x250 →fos_01_300x250
→._fos_02_300x250 →fos_02_300x250
→._fos_03_300x250 →fos_03_300x250
→._fos_728x90 →fos_728x90




Promotional advertising for the Fellowship of the Sun.

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