July 2008

Abomination by the Numbers

After a conversation I had recently about my dedication to celibacy, I started thinking about what types of sins are the worst, afterlife-wise. Based on my research on the matter and conversations with my pastors over the years, I have compiled the following list of "relationship" abominations, from mildest to the ones where you better get ready for some real warm conditions. (Warning: The top five are not for those with a sensative stomach.)

*11. Masterbation
10. Premarital sex
9. Sex with married person
8. Gay sex (girl-girl)
7. Gay sex (girl-girl) with married girl
6. Gay sex (dude-dude)
5. (tie) Gay sex (dude-dude) with a married dude
5. (tie) Vampire / human sex
4. Gay vampire sex (girl-girl)
3. Gay vampire sex (dude-dude)
2. Gay vampire sex (girl-girl) with married girl
1. Gay vampire sex (dude-dude) with married dude

* minor sin

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