October 2008

Fellowship of the Sun Promise Necklace

October 21, 2008

Just in time for the holidays! The perfect gift for your teen!

Fots-fots necklace
What if the most beautiful and touching gift you've ever given could also save your child's life?

That's exactly what the Fellowship is offering and just in time for Christmas. We're pleased to introduce a revolutionary new addition to the world of symbolic jewelry: The Promise Necklace.

By wearing The Promise Necklace, your teen will be acknowledging a sacred covenant with Jesus Christ: a personal commitment to avoid contact with vampires, be it sexual, social or parasitical.

The necklace's silver chain is available in a classic herringbone men's or luxurious 50-strand liquid silver ladies' model, and is secured with a sturdy lobster-claw clasp. Its golden sun charm is available in stunning 14k gold and gold electroplate; the reverse is emblazoned with the crusader's cross, symbol of fortitude, faith and virtue.

Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your teen about the dangers of vampirism and vampire relations - then reward them with a gift of fine jewelry that will tell the world: "I'm keeping myself Pure - and alive."

And this beautiful silver chain is more than just a symbol - it puts 16 inches of vampire-repelling 925 sterling silver right where it belongs: surrounding the precious throat of your loved one.

Beware of "silver tone" "bonded" and silverplate substitutes. Don't find out too late that your chain offers no protection. There is only one truly prophylactic - and fashionable -- anti-vampire jewelry: The Promise Necklace, from the Fellowship of the Sun.

Watch this space for information on how to pre-order now in time for the holidays. Remember, "There a many fine necklaces. But only one has Promise."

CHURCH & YOUTH GROUPS: Ask us about bulk purchasing! The Promise Necklace makes the perfect fund-raiser for your organization!

UPDATE: Vampires carry DISEASE.

October 13, 2008

The faithful already understand that CoD's are unclean and will bring destruction to our country, so it should come as no surprise that these creatures' very blood carries what could be a plague of biblical proportions. Medical sources close to the FoS are reporting that a virus known as "Hep-D" has been isolated from vampire blood and studied in an underground laboratory. Suspected to cause weakness in CoD's - though to what degree is unknown - the disease is actually carried by humans. While it appears to cause no harm to us for the moment, even a slight mutation could change that. And if Hep-D can incapacitate a creature that's already dead, Lord knows what kind of havoc it would wreak if unleashed on the human body.

Stop Vamps From Taking Root

October 9, 2008

Most everybody knows the sickening feeling of running across a hornets' nest or a snakes' nest. In these trying times, though, a far more frightening and infinitely more deadly threat is out there: The Vampire Nest. A phenomenon that vampire experts are just now looking into, these "nests" could contain as many as a dozen of the foul creatures - a hell on earth of biting, sucking and killing. While they're generally found in out-of-the-way places like old farmhouses or fill-up stations, a vampire nest could easily blend in on your block. Watch out for new locks on basement entrances, tar-papered windows and, of course, any suspicious nocturnal goings-on. While it's not TECHNICALLY illegal for vampires to nest together, a mobilized community can provide a strong deterrent to this kind of depravity.

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