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Force Field or Protection Barriers

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Energy barrier; Harnessed element; Circle-Drawing
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Project or conjure a powerful shield used to protect the caster from various forms of harm.
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Force Fields (or Protection Barriers) are protective barriers made of energy or particles. On the HBO original series True Blood, witches possess the magical ability to create energy barriers, spheres or walls that can protect one from other individuals and powers, or causing some form of harm to an enemy. The power to create force fields, sometimes called "shielding", is a rare, powerful gift possessed by witches, and can be very helpful in protecting oneself. However, shields can be broken by several means; either by using spells or through sheer physical power (such as a Demon).


Sun Barrier

Marnie's Sun Barrier

Witches can generate various types of barriers and shield through magic and spell casting. It is first shown when Antonia put a Sun barrier around Moon Goddess Emporium. ("Burning Down the House")

One way to break through it was when Jesus channeled his Demon to break through the barrier. The spell was broken when Jesus and his Demon broke through the tie of Martonia, thus diffusing all spells previously cast by her. ("Soul of Fire")

Ways to make and breakEdit


Spell to raise a barrier:
    • "Moenia Sursum!"
Draw a circle of salt
    • "Sink all evil, thrice around the circle's bound."


A standard Liberation Spell:
    • "Fractis vallum, rumpe te cumulus, liberave servos, retexo communis dea apricatio."

This spell will break down a barrier, and negate any effects it may possess.

"Protecto" is a protection charm that will allow a witch to pass through a barrier hex safely, as well.

Types of BarriersEdit


Sun BarrierEdit

An extremely powerful, endurable and large force-field comprised of harnessed sunlight. It is completely lethal to vampires and impenetrable to normal humans. Demons have been shown to be able to pass through it with moderate difficulty. A sun barrier will completely surround a given area and can protect from firepower such as bullets, grenades and even rocket launchers.


Protective CircleEdit

A powerful circle drawn to protect all who stand within it. It has been represented as a blue shield that solidifies itself when an enemy tries to force entry inside it. This type of barrier can be conjured by Circle-drawing with salt.

Home-Invitation BarrierEdit

The mystical barrier preventing vampires from entering a home without invitation. This is old magic, set in place for the protection of innocents. A human can rescind or revoke their invitation at any given time, magically ejecting a vampire from their home until a new invitation is given. On the other hand, Vampires can access freely public places. Also they don't need invitation to a house owned by other vampire.

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