Ginger's House

Ginger's House
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Ginger's House is the residence where fangbanger Ginger lived on the HBO original series True Blood. A newer house with stylistic accents, Ginger's dwelling is located in the town of Shreveport, Louisiana. It has become a hide out for Fangtasia vampires, such as her employers, Eric Northman and Pamela Swynford de Beaufort and was last seen on the episode "You're No Good" in the series' sixth season.


Season 3Edit

Eric makes a reference to Ginger's home, when Pam suggest where they should hide from the AVL.

Season 6Edit

Eric and Pam do eventually end up hiding out in Ginger's house along with Tara and Willa when they are on the run from Governor Truman Burrell and his men. Eric lies to Ginger in order to allow his party access to her house and when they enter, it is revealed that she keeps a coffin in one of her rooms and also has an underground cubby which implies that Fangtasia Vampires have hidden out there before. Ginger answers Eric's phone which allows Truman's men to track the signal to Ginger's house. Eric glamours Ginger into keeping the Governor busy on the phone so that he can escape before Burrell's men reach her house. ("You're No Good")

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