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Glamour is a form of mind control used by vampires to influence the minds of certain humanoid species. It plays a major role on the HBO original series True Blood where it is utilized as a truth serum, to compel obedience, and to erase and/or fabricate memories. All vampires have this power, but it is not innate; vampires must be instructed in this ability and the process is comparable to hypnosis.



Jessica using Glamour on Hoyt Fortenberry

The process of glamouring begins with eye contact between a vampire and a respondent. Once eye contact is made, the vampire can force the respondent to keep from shifting their eyes by sheer will. Once this is accomplished, the vampire can enter the person's mind and begin to compel him/her as desired. Based on the examples in the tv series, verbal commands seem to be necessary. It is sometimes possible for the victim to look away if they quickly realize they are being glamoured.

A respondent enters a trance-like state, becoming highly susceptible to suggestions and commands, but can respond to questions at will. Glamouring can be avoided by avoiding eye contact with the vampire.


Regular humans are very susceptible to glamouring, so much so that more than one human can be glamoured simultaneously by the same vampire. ("Trouble")

In Season 6, it is revealed that specialized contact lenses that shield against glamouring have become available for sale at pharmacies, particularly Walgreens. ("The Sun") Given this recent development, it is likely that, a large portion of the human population now employs them and access to them is universal.

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Many, but not all, vampire lore includes some form of hypnosis, which was popularized by Dracula.
  • "Glamour" is a term often used in fantasy fiction, but it usually refers to some form of illusion to disguise one's physical appearance.
  • Glamouring in True Blood is always accompanied by a distinctive leitmotif.

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