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Glamouring is used by a Vampire to get out of sticky situations, bribery, commandment and various other uses. It is a form of hypnosis that all vampires have the potential to use innately. Under normal circumstances, vampires must be instructed in proper glamouring, usually by their makers. Vampires will occasionally show a natural talent for the ability and need relatively little instruction. Jessica Hamby, Steve Newlin and Willa Burrell are the most prominent examples of this natural affinity.

Known UsersEdit



Jessica using Glamour on Hoyt Fortenberry

When a Vampire glamours, their victim goes into a trance like state and responds to the commands of the vampire. The vampire must meet the victim's eyes to begin glamouring them. When Jessica glamoured her friend from bible study, she said that he 'Decided to go home because it was late' he responded sleepily that 'It was late', showing that when successfully used they will agree with the statement said.

Some humans, particularly those with a strong will, are shown to be resistant to glamouring, while others, such as Jason Stackhouse, are particularly susceptible to it. Although glamouring can be used on witches, particularly powerful ones are immune to it, either due to their strong will.

Certain supernatural beings seem to have a natural resistance to glamouring. The degree to which a supernatural is immune to glamour, differs between species however. Bill mentioned that he couldn't glamour anyone who possessed powerful spiritual abilities, such as Antonia Gavilán de Logroño ("Spellbound"). Species such as werewolves can be glamoured, ("Hopeless"). Maenads, Faeries and halflings on the other hand, seem to be totally immune to glamour ("Strange Love"). Vampires and other dead or undead beings (such as ghosts) are also immune.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Some form of hypnosis power is often attributed to vampires, in the tradition of Dracula, although it is absent from some depictions of vampires.
  • "Glamour" is a term often used in fantasy fiction, but it usually refers to some form of illusion to disguise one's physical appearance.
  • Glamouring in True Blood is always accompanied by a distinctive leitmotif.

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