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  • Adam & Eve - Creation
  • Humanity - Creation
  • Angels - Creation
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"God made me as vampire, and Adam and Eve as human. I am worshiped as a god as some may come to worship you as a god. But there is no god but God."
Lilith, to Bill Compton

God is the supreme deity of the Judeo-Christian religions. He is believed to be the all-powerful creator of the universe and all life on earth. His throne is believed to be in a celestial spirit world known as heaven. His servants are known as angels. Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth, a carpenter born in ancient Israel to Mary and Joseph, is the son of God and that he was born of a virgin, while Muslims see him as a non-divine Messiah. On the HBO original series True Blood, God is worshiped in both human and vampire societies.


According to the Book of the Vampyr God first created Lilith, the primordial vampire, and then created the first members of humankind, Adam and Eve, to serve as food of the "divine race". ("Authority Always Wins")

Later God himself sent a divine human messenger, Jesus Christ, to guide humankind but he was betrayed by one of his followers, Judas Iscariot, for a few silver coins. "Keep This Party Going"

In modern times, belief in God is often the cause or used as excuse for bigotry and persecution with both human groups and vampire groups claiming they're doing "God's work".

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

God is all-powerful, or omnipotent. Their is no authority higher than him, mortal or immortal. He is ageless and eternal; he was never created or born, he has always existed and always will exist. God is a spiritual being who exists outside of time and space, both of which he created. He is also all-knowing and all-wise, or omniscient. He knows everything that can be known or learned, and he never forgets.

He is genderless, and considered male by most religions, but female by Holly Cleary. Lilith stated that "there is no god, but God". But other deities have been proven to exist, such as Dionysus of Greek Mythology. God is one of many deities, but is the only true original divine.

God created the universe, earth, time, space, matter, angels, and souls with his bare hands all out of nothingness.

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