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The final resting place for all souls
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"Life is pain. But soon all you have suffered and feared will be meaningless. You will be at peace."
Antonia Gavilán de Logroño

Heaven is the kingdom of the dead that is hidden from the material world and is ruled by God. On the HBO original series True Blood, heaven is an outstandingly beautiful and tranquil realm that is populated by every soul that has successfully found peace. Being made vampire or undergoing other changes in life or unlife does not affect entry into heaven. The soul will ascend to heaven when it has met its final end on the earthly plane.

Contrary to the religious belief that only "worthy" souls are allowed into heaven, it has been proven that all souls, saint and sinner alike, are welcomed. The only exception of this are those souls that bring their pain with them into the afterlife. Because heaven is a place free of suffering, and hell is nonexistent, whenever a person carries such feelings as fear, grief, misery, rage or sorrow with them into death, their spirit will remain bound to the earth for as long as it takes for the soul to liberate itself from all feelings of agony. This was proven after Antonia Gavilán de Logroño explained how she spent 400 years as a ghost, wandering the world lost and alone, still burdened by her hatred towards the vampires. It was not until Antonia was able to forgive her enemies that she was finally able to find peace in death. Marnie Stonebrook was also unable to enter heaven until she let go of all the pain and sadness that she had felt for being outcast.



Season 3Edit

The existence of Heaven is first mentioned after Godric attempts to stop his progeny, Eric Northman, from killing himself and his lifelong rival, Russell Edgington. After Godric pleads with Eric to forgive Russell for the crimes against his family, he informs him that Peace awaits all beings, even for those as cruel as Russell. ("Evil is Going On")



Season 6Edit

It is possible that the idealistic paradise that Bill and Lilith were seen in was a preview of heaven. ("The Sun")


  • While most religious doctrines dictate that in order to achieve heaven, one must believe in, follow and worship a certain deity, as well as live their lives in a certain fashion, on the HBO original series True Blood, heaven is achievable to all creatures regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof. Heaven is also attainable whether a person has lived a life full of virtue or depravity. It appears that the only thing that hinders a person from entering heaven is whether or not they have freed themselves of all emotional burdens and suffering. Even so, the soul will not be damned to hell, but rather it will become a ghost trapped on earth until it learns to let go of its troubles and can finally find peace.
  • The idea of a heaven that welcomes all souls is a symbol of the ultimate unity between all the earth's races and creatures.

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